Oh hello. My name is Kalyan, would like to introduce myself as a UPSC blogger. I was an UPSC aspirant.

Back in 2013, I began work on iksa.in as a hobby project. I started it purely out of curiosity for knowledge and the only intention was to share interesting articles, TED talks etc.

  • Parivarthan – iksa.in
  • Is inspired from the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.
  • Back in 2010 when we started preparation, sources, materials, guidance were not available as freely as today.
  • So, wanted to share what I know/learn about UPSC.


Who are we?

  • Mostly I lift the heavy burden, Dr. Ravi and Vinod does the same for special Projects.
  • In service friends + Ravi and I we all are done with interviews and attempts. So, none of us are amateurs or aspirants who are guiding peers.

Help regarding UPSC? 

  • Guidance and strategy not lack of knowledge is the biggest reason IMHO that kills so many UPSC dreams.
  • So, we try to suggest the time tested, but updated path to the aspirants, as UPSC evolves so should our preparation and strategy.
  • Knowing the past and present helps us understand UPSC better than most aspirants, that experience is what we are here to share.
  • In my experience there is no Universal formula for UPSC, every aspirant is unique with his/her own strength and weakness.
  • Through Parivarthan we have reached so many serious aspirants through personal mentoring we helped them to the best of our abilities.

Why and how? 

  • We think even with so much material or because of it and online resources, students are getting lost in the UPSC jungle and wasting attempts and age.
  • We want to make a difference, not by spoon feeding but through empowering and encouraging them to work on the essentials.
  • The smart ones will work in right direction, and the freeloaders will be distracted in search of that one material that makes them IAS.
  • We recommend quality sources like Newspapers + RSTV + AIR Spotlight + Yojana.
  • We encourage aspirants to think and develop curiosity and knowledge base through “Read between the lines

Personal Mentor ship/suggestions and help 

  • We are always happy to help those who are in genuine need regarding upsc, we are more than happy to share our experiences and knowledge.
  • you can reach us through mail kalyan@iksa.in or Telegram @kalyanz – Kalyan

Talk about Parivarthan

  • Being totally free, (no ads on iksa.in) we rely on the community effort to spread the word and reach more aspirants.
  • Please Spread the word! We need more people like you.
  • You can also find us on Telegram and Facebook.

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  • Parivarthan participates in the Amazon Associates Program, this means that whenever you buy a book on Amazon from a link on here, I get a small percentage of its price.

24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very good initiative guyz. Taking out the time to help aspirant like us is commendable. All the best wishes for your endeavours.

    • Hi Jatin,

      This site is a medium to the UPSC resources.We are aspirants like you, so on our own, we as of now are not creating any materials, just sharing them. This is as of today the sole purpose of site, to act as a sign post to some one completely new to UPSC and help them get the good resources.

  2. I gave mains last yr..working 8-5 mon-fri…will give mains 2015..cant leave job due to financial constraints…do advise and do not discontinue this effort…thanks

  3. Hi,

    Excellent initiative – I have just one quick doubt for which I need your help. It’s been 1 year that I am “just thinking” about starting preparation but always 1 single big question is where I get stuck – If I start Hindu today, what about the past 6 months? If I start Yojana today, what about the past 6 months/1 year? If I start EPW, what about the information in the earlier issues?? How do I cover all that in my daily/weekly routine of reading the current released issues?

    And would you believe it, with this confusion, I have not even managed to START my preparation! I don’t know where to start from! 🙁

    Please show a concrete guiding light if you can.

    Best Regards,

  4. Amazing site.. the search for guidance to UPSC ends here. There is no dearth of stuff available on internet for any field. But most of the times people spend a lot of time in deciding and filtering the relevant sources. This site is just that for civil services preparation. You need to look no further. Thanks for all the efforts for sharing and maintaining all the information in a neat and organized way.


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