Mrunal Geography videos for UPSC General Studies

These are videos uploaded by Mrunal bhai,these videos are recorded at Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), Ahmedabad.They cover basics of geography any further videos will  be updated. But the catch is they are in Hindi and though understandable those who don’t know Hindi might face some difficulty.

Longitudes, Latitudes, Timezones & Dateline

Earth’s Interior, S & P waves, Rock-Cycle, Geological Time-eras

Continental Drift Theory

Sea Floor Spreading Theory

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  1. Hello sir,
    How to make notes from hindu,or magazines,there are so many stuffs,some says different things n other says different. I m confused between newspapers and magazine…yojana,frontline or kurukshetra,hindu or indian express…which one is better n how to follow all this togather to make note

  2. Hello sir
    what should be the studying materials if we choose geography as optional… Please provide us a kind guidance… How can we prepare? Will it be good if we understand geography better than anyother subject??

  3. Thanks a lot manual site and yours team plze guide me I am your new flower to hindi midiam we how to start and which types prepare ias


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