World History by CrashCourse

World History is a important topic for general studies paper in mains,UPSC have another  acronym unpredictable service commission, in spite of reading Norman Lowe or other books for world history they might ask few questions surprising every one.

So here is a crash course for world history in 42 small videos,you can watch them in reading breaks or while having lunch or dinner,knowledge + time pass ,they are really useful and will give you lot of knowledge.

 crash course world history

crash course world history

The videos are created by crash course a Youtube channel lead by John Green and the links here lead to Khan academy another fantastic education site hope this will help you.

What happens when you stay put (the Neolithic revolution & early River Valley civilizations)

Oh, so that’s where that comes from! (the ancient Greeks, Persians, Indians, Chinese & the trade between them. Oh, and also the Romans)

What’s God got to do with it? – a lot (Early Christianity, Byzantium, Islam, and Medieval Europe)

Road trip! (conquest, trade, & more conquest)

When people do great and really terrible things (The Renaissance, Colonialism, & the Slave Trade)

You ain’t the boss of me! Oh, maybe you are (Revolution and Modern Society)

Nationalism, Imperialism & Globalization: the good, the bad and the really, really ugly

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