What was Operation Blue star?

Operation Blue Star (June 3-6 1984) was a military operation ordered by Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister, to remove Sikh separatists who were amassing weapons in the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The operation was launched in response to a deterioration of law and order in Punjab.

Source : wikipedia – operation blue star 

Many people of my generation have no idea of what is operation  blue star other than what was summed up in the paragraph above , its implications are huge and according to Shekhar Gupta no other event in post independence India have much implication as this one “most traumatic events in our history but also one with the longest-lasting consequences”.

Shekhar Gupta is retiring and before  signing off  he wrote  three articles of his experience about operation blue star which coincided with 30 years of operation blue star .

I enjoyed reading all the articles and they explain beautifully  all the dimensions involved in the operation , how the ground reality will be and how close a journalist some times faces life and death situations .

  1. First Person, Second Draft: Once upon a bloody time
  2. The audacity of incompetence
  3. First Person Second Draft: Since 1984

Update :

Another article covering the anit-sikh riots has been published today [6th june 2014]

These  article cover the untold story of operation blue star , but what happened exactly is still debatable . The main people involved in the process are Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, his armed followers , Indira Gandhi and the army .Bhindranwale.

To get the detailed story I suggest few books here

After the operation Indira gandhi was killed by her own bodyguards and anti-Sikh riots took place in India which is often overlooked or forgotten and which takes away moral authority of Congress party to talk about 2002 Gujarat Pogrom.

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