Please read Important Update !

Hello Friends, we are making a tough decision , we are moving our email Subscription to WordPress jetpack . Due to Financial and Technical reasons we cannot afford our present system, any longer.

We will keep reminding  you about the change for next few days , and old system will stop by 20th January.

What you need to do  ?

We cannot move your email Id’s with out your permission , so you need to re-subscribe, a 30 seconds process.

1.   Please enter your email id in the following box.

 Email Updates

2. You will see a message saying , success please check your mail.

3. You will get an Email instantly(check spam if necessary) , check YOUR MAIL inbox  and click Confirm Follow activate your subscription.

Once you click conformation , that will be all , you will receive updates like always , and after few days, we will stop our old system .Thank you for understanding.

The email will look like the following picture ! dont click this picture 🙂


This is just to explain the process, Most of you know this process, the present emails will stop soon. If you find our blog useful, please do resubscribe and continue your support, it will he a huge motivation for us.

Thank you

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  1. thank you sir,but i have one doubt- Vision IAS current affairs are free or paid?.because i am not enrolled for test series on visionias.if paid where can i get.please help me.


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