Read Between the Lines [18-11-19]

Read between the lines is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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  • What is review petition ?
  • what is locus standi ?
  • article 142
  •  drones  scan CRPF camp- unmanned aerial vehicles
  •  sardar sarovar dam -Narmada river
  • what do you understand by model code of conduct
  •  voluntary code of conduct for cabinet ministers
  •  right to free speech and expression which fundamental right?
  •  Sinhalese
  •  bureau of Indian standards
  • niti aayog report on groundwater
  •  National standards for drinking water
  • what do you understand by learning outcomes ASER report ?
  • what is nominal GDP growth
  •  stagflation
  • retail inflation
  •  what do you understand by social trust
  • what are moral policing policies give examples?
  • what is fiscal policy
  • what do you understand by reviving animal spirits
  • kesavananda Bharati vs State of Kerala basic structure  secularism ?
  •  citizenship amendment Bill
  • minimum operating price -what are pressure groups
  • China’s clampdown on Xinjiang province.
  •  what is adjusted gross revenue  ?
  •  All India judicial services -article 312-
  •  chief justice of India
  • farm loan waiver
  •  Uday scheme
  • income transfer schemes examples ?

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