Indian polity by laxmikant 5th edition

There is new edition of Indian polity by laxmikant (5th edition) * for those of you who are completely new to preparation laxmikanth polity is the only book you will ever need in all stages of exam for polity.

people look for pdf scans, I honestly suggest them to get the hardcopy, this is one book you need to read line by line , and it helps in prelims, mains and interview. In recent years there is no ranker who hasnt suggested any thing but laxmikanth. So if you are new to the field and serious about UPSC please do buy the latest edition.

Few new chapters have been added

1) Parliamentary Grouplaxmikanth-5th-edition
2) Judicial Review
3) Judicial Activism
4) PIL
5) Niti Aayog
6) Voting behaviour
7) Election Laws

– 4 new appendices have been added too

– Inclusion of Previous years questions of Polity from:
2014, 2015 and 2016 Prelims and 2013, 2014, 2015 Mains

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