RSTV Big Picture 2019

Hello Friends, This is a list post about RSTV Big Picture 2019, most people ignore the debates in Rajya Sabha TV, they are very useful they will give lot of Insight in to the topic . We are arranging them date wise so that it will be easy to skim through the important topics and watch selectively .

RSTV Big Picture January 2019

RSTV Big Picture February 2019

Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture 2016 Month wise

Hello Friends, this post is dedicated to Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture 2016, also Science monitor and India’s World also will be posted here,segregated on monthly basis.

January 2016

Big Picture

  1.  The Big Picture – Future of Indian Education – YouTube [Education] + Jan 2016 Yojana
  2.  The Big Picture – State of Agriculture and Rural Economy – YouTube [ Economy]
  3.  The Big Picture – Taking Stock: Defence Sector – YouTube [Security]
  4.  The Big Picture – Media at Crossroads – YouTube
  5.  The Big Picture – Pathankot attack: Will it impact Indo-Pak dialogue? – YouTube [Security]

Science Monitor

 India’s World

The Big Picture – Importance of Census Data on Religion

Discussion about  Importance of Census Data on Religion by Wajahat Habibullah Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities ; Prof. S S Jodhka Centre for the Study of Social Systems, JNU ; Rakesh Sinha Director, India Policy Foundation ; Dr. M Vijayanunni Former Census Commissioner and former Chief Secretary of Kerala.