UPSC age reduction Centre to lower age limit for civil service aspirants

UPSC Rumor .The Hindu Reported today that center plans to reduce the age limit to appear for UPSC Civil services from 2015.And This move will affect almost every aspirant in the preparation phase.

This blog appreciates the reform but the lack of sensitivity from the government is evident.The reform IF government wants to introduce shall be implemented from 2018+ on wards giving ample time for all aspirants to make necessary plans. And many people have invested the prime youth of their life in UPSC preparation.

And this is a poor reform  the proof  is that average age of Unreserved candidate getting in to service is 27-28.And not every one comes with elite family background or education.So this move irrational and hasty.Students please don’t panic and don’t waste your time. The chances of this turning in to reality is slim.

If the government is all about reforms , it should start with Election reforms and other 2nd ARC suggestions that are more important for the country and also if it want the young and talented to run the country ,set 62 as upper age limit for all politicians too.We too will appreciate the governments sincerity.

This blog strongly opposes the hasty reform plan,and plead to the authorities to give us a year with out rumors or problems,so that we can prepare in peace.


On April 28th, 2014 a document related to decisions taken by the Government on Second Administrative Reforms Commission’s recommendations, was uploaded on the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) website.

Note that the document was uploaded six months ago that too under ‘decision taken’ heading. It was the decision taken by the UPA government. It is not yet implemented.Via Insights.The Following Hindu report was based on this report.

An OPEN LETTER TO MODI ON UPSC AGE LIMIT REDUCTION.This article covers all the dimensions .

The Hindu News.

In a move that could affect thousands of civil service aspirants across the country, the Centre intends to reduce the upper age limit and number of attempts of applicants with effect from 2015. Going by the new norm, the upper age limit will be

  • 29 years for SC/ST candidates,
  • 28 years for OBC and
  • 26 for the unreserved category.
  • There will be an additional two years for physically challenged candidates in each category.

At present, the upper age limit for SC/ST, OBC and unreserved candidates is 35, 33 and 30 years respectively.According to information published on the website of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, the number of attempts allowed for candidates appearing for the Civil Services Examination would also be reduced to six for SC/ST candidates, five for OBC and three for unreserved candidates.

The measures, recommended by the Second Administrative Reforms Commission (ARC) and almost entirely accepted by the government, were put up on the website a few months ago. The Centre has decided to retain August 1 in the examination year as the cut-off date for eligibility and not to review the structure of the examination (both preliminary and main) since this was only recently changed.

Today’s Paper 19th June

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