CS(Main) 2014 – Marks Obtained by Recommended Candidates

UPSC has uploaded the PDF of marks of Recommended Candidates, the ones who got selected and hopefully will upload the marks of the rest of us soon too.

2 thoughts on “CS(Main) 2014 – Marks Obtained by Recommended Candidates”

  1. Ira’s marks are brilliant!! She’s got 920 in written, While last year’s topper Gaurav Sir got 769, its also a fact that overall marking seems to be little linieant this year so it is unfair to compare to last year. But this year itself, I browsed through no1 has got 900+ marks in written. In fact next few in line are lagging way below in written when compared to her. Renu (858), Nidhi (846), Vandana (832) and Suharsha (813). Quite a lead, I must say, can we file RTI and see her answers? Seems like too much to learn 🙂 Way to go gal!

    • UPSC does not give mark sheets, though one is free to apply via RTI. Truly a wonderful feat to score such high marks, PT wise Highest Marks 220 ZAINAB SAYEED and V RADHIKA, that is a mind blowing score, Interview score makes all the diff too.


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