How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC and Free Download Yojana.

One thing every serious player in UPSC agrees is that Yojana Magazine is the most useful magazine of all , and it has been proved again and endorsed more vociferously than others by Roman Saini 18th ranker this year.Yojana Magazine is freely available for download and is highly useful.

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Roman Saini in this video explains How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC

Update : Yojana official site is back PDF links are working fine.Still You can download them from my Google Drive.

Download Yojana Magazines  2012

  1. January 12th Five year plan 
  2. February   Foreign trade
  3. March Disaster management
  4. April Budget 
  5. May Environment and development 
  6. June Women Empowerment 
  7. July Monsoons
  8. August 65 years of Independence 
  9. September Electronics and information technology 
  10. October  Health and nutrition
  11. November Issues challenging Children 
  12. December North east Nagaland 

Download Yojana Magazines  2013

  1. January Good Governance 
  2. February Direct Benefit Transfer
  3. March Union Budget
  4. April Disability
  5. May Social Media
  6. June Environment and sustainable energy
  7. July Public service Broadcasting
  8. August Inclusive democracy
  9. September Education for all 
  10. October Growth,Employment and poverty
  11. November Land and Natural resources 
  12. December   Right to Food

Download Yojana Magazines  2014

  1. January Tribal and Marginalized Communities
  2. February  Public Health
  3. March  Administrative Reforms
  4. April Indian Economy Performance ,challenges and prospects
  5. May Energy security
  6. June Indian Agriculture
  7. July Democracy and electoral reforms
  8. August Union budget
  9. September Urban Planning
  10. October  Informal Sector
  11. November  Technology,Innovation and Knowledge economy
  12. December  FDI and International Trade

Download Yojana Magazines  2015

Here is the link to Google drive Yojana 2015 EnglishHindi

  1. January  Sanitation, Development and social change
  2. February  Federalism and Indian Polity
  3. March  Union Budget 2015
  4. April  Manufacturing Sector
  5. May Tourism
  6. June Alternative Medicine
  7. July International relations a new Vistas.
  8. August Inclusive Growth and social change
  9. September Smart cities Transforming urban landscape
  10. October skill development : scaling new heights
  11. November Transport
  12. December Climate change and sustainability

Download Yojana Magazines  2016

Here is the link to Google drive Yojana 2016 EnglishHindi

  1. January Education
  2. February Health
  3. March Union Budget 2016-17
  4. April North East  on the development horizon
  5. May : Differently Abled
  6. June : India Strides
  7. July : Water : A Precious resource
  8. August : Power for all
  9. September :  Women Empowerment
  10. October : Textiles
  11. November : Tax Reforms
  12. December : Science for Development

Download Yojana Magazines 2017

  1. January : Disaster Management
  2. February : Less cash Economy
  3. March : Budget special issue
  4. April : Labour Welfare
  5. May : Transforming India
  6. June : Indian Youth : emerging power
  7. July : Social Security 
  8. August : GST
  9. September : Housing For all
  10. October : New India
  11. November :   Empowering India’s MSME Sector
  12. December : Consumer Awareness

Download Yojana Magazines 2018

  1. January : Banking Reforms
  2. February : Public grievance redressal
  3. March: Union Budget
  4. April: North East 
  5. May: Nutrition
  6. June: India on the Move
  7. July: Resurgent India
  8. August: Social Empowerment
  9. September: Employment and Self Employment
  10. October : Women empowerment 
  11. November: Swachhata from idea to reality
  12. December : Digital India

Yojana & Kurukshetra Magazine Regional Languages archive 2016.

Yojana Magazine Regional Languages archive 2015.

If you have the links or scanned copies of any other material or latest yojana please share it using the comments section or mail to kalyan[at]iksa[dot]in .

81 thoughts on “How to read Yojana Magazine for UPSC and Free Download Yojana.”

    • Yes to an extent actually, when ever you are preparing a topic for example public health , reading 2014 Feb edition cover story will help you in understanding the topic basics clearly.

      Yojana cover story is most important, all other articles will act as value addition,so you can read just the cover stories(the1st article) and ignore the rest.

  1. Hi Sir,

    Can u guide me for the Year Book 2015. There are lots of Chapter and Little time. I want u to direct me for Specific Chapter of Year Book 2015, that can deliver my strength in Prelim as well as Mains

    • Hello Shahnawaz Mrunal and Palak mathur have written posts on what to cover in India year book quite comprehensively and frankly don’t spend much time on IYB, the above strategies work for this year’s book also. I repeat spending more time on IYB is not advised.

  2. Hello! Sir. I am just a beginner to prepare for upsc & a big confusion is about optional subject. I am a medical graduate & want to keep medical science as optional but many suggests it very tough & lengthy….geography or history should be the option……pls help me to decide….

    • all that matters to choose a optional in upsc is “interest”, not length of syllabus or considering some subjects as more scoring ……just go with your strength as optional has a very big role to play in selection and u have to devote lot of time to master your optional , you can only devote your time when you have interest and love for a particular subject

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am 26 and working in MNC.
    I have make my mind to go for this prestigious exam but is confused from where to start.
    Have to start from scratch so please guide me and suggest how I can do it in this limited period of time.Please suggest me a stratergy and books for reference so that I may not get misguided reading several reviews.

    • Shekhar,
      still it’s must as we can not live with only one option,hard copy is life.
      Rs. Ten is hardly any cash,so even online reader like me picks up 5 numbers to present to schools located ports in rural area.

  4. It’s really nice to find “Y” online while sailing around the globe,
    It also gives fresh breeze,from motherland,
    Thanks to web team

  5. sir.
    I can’t remember the dates, persons newly appointed, years of history incidents, and so many problems regarding with current affairs, please guide me in same case.

    • Revision is the only way we can remember things in long run ,UPSC will not ask trivial facts, focus more on concepts than facts. Just follow any 2 newspapers.

  6. the march 2015 yojana link is not opening up..plz check..also, could u please upload april onwards editions? thanks..

  7. Sir, is yojana available in Aurangabad.
    i am im Aurangabad right now and i am preparing for civil services.
    i want to read yojana. Can you give me a solution.

  8. Sir,i am a civil engg student.i want to become a ias officer & i take a civil engg as a optional in upsc.pls suggest me this optional is best to secured a good rank.

  9. hello sir i am appearing RBI grade B officer exam this is first time, i want to read all year materials or 2015 only and how to prepare please help me

  10. Hi,
    It is to inform all UPSC aspirants that now you can download free Yojana, Kurukshetra magazine from August 2014 to August 2015 from the below given link-

  11. sir, please upload december 2015 and january 2016 issues of yojana and kurukshetra. thats a humble request. regard. keep up the good work. god bless you.

  12. Sir,
    You suggested to avoid reading Economic Times , but what if one’s optional subject is economics. I mean there are some advanced economic specific events asked in optional paper which are not discussed in The Hindu or Yojana but are discussed in Economic Times. So what to do.

    • hi, I am sure optional students will read additional paper according to their syllabus, this suggested articles is for completer beginners, just to give them an idea in the first weeks of their preparation.

  13. Hi..Are you going to upload Feb 2016 Yojana? If so, when? I do not live in India and I cannot go to the markets and buy. It would of great help if you can keep uploading the Yojanas each month.

  14. Hello Sir
    This is Apurva . I am having a difficulty preparing for Geography and Modern History. I will be giving the 2017 attempt. Should I be taking out notes at this stage? Or should I be only reading the NCERTs? If yes,then any specific strategy to remember the events or things in both the subjects. Please help.

    • Hi as far as prelim is considered Spectrum for history is itself like a short notes, you have to keep revising and solve old papers , UPSC stopped asking trivial dates and stuff, but you need to see old papers to get an idea about the questions. Coming to geography 11 ans 12 th ncert books you have to read fully, revise. see old papers, read the chapter then try to solve all questions from that chapter, this will help a lot in longrun. Hope this helps πŸ™‚


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