If you want to succeed

This is an extract from a post Mrunal Bhai have written last year, its very motivating and every word of it is so true, around 40 days is left for Prelims 2015 , do read this.

AS IT IS from his post 

There is a saying “Praarambhe shoora Gujarati. ” (प्रारम्भे शूरा गुजराती)

Meaning, Gujarati people are enthusiastic only in the beginning, for any project. (MINUS a few exceptions like Gandhi vs British and Modi vs Congress party).

  • But this proverb applies to majority of UPSC candidates irrespective of their domicile state.
  • Everyone has booklist, Hindu and a few kilos of (authentic or XEROXED) coaching material. Then why can’t everyone clear prelims?
  • Because their enthusiasm vanishes after a few weeks. Then remaining time is spent daydreaming, changing Profile pics on Whatsapp & Facebook, randomly surfing internet or DishTV channel, whining about DP Agrawal on online forums, and virtually making no progress in learning any topic.
  • Hindu papers get piledup on your desk (or in feedly), economic survey PDF is only for downloading and not reading. After single reading halfhearted reading of Laxmikanth- you think you’re master of polity. You’ve bought 4-5 different books on geography, yet fumble answering even one MCQ, you’ve gathered 20-30 mock test papers from various institutes and yet cannot solve one data interpretation set without making silly calculation mistakes….and so on.
  • Then comes another bank, SSC or state service exam, so focus is shifted. You begin gathering new material for it, BUT there too, your enthusiasm vanishes after few weeks.
  • Ultimately situation becomes similar to a “dhobi kaa kuttaa”. You neither clear UPSC nor you clear any Non-UPSC exams.
  • Like this, 2-3 years are wasted. Then you’ve to pick a private sector job, but it’s really difficult to prepare while on job given the stress, fatigue and travel. Although, now your ‘purchasing power’ has increased, so again the vicious cycle of “gather material-loose momentum-fail in exam” continues.
  • In your heart, you know you’re not going to clear exam with this attitude. But you just keep fondling a teenage fantasy hoping for a divine intervention & “luck by chance”.
  • And like this, your entire 20s youth life is wasted.
  • Point being- Weapons alone don’t win the war. Hard work, Perseverance and Faith are necessary. There are no secret books or tips that only you’ll gather and no one else can. And even if there is a magical secret book from where all 100 MCQs are going to come, still it’s useless unless you revise it minimum 4-5 times.
  • Yes, even with best preparation, Not every one of you will become an IAS/IPS/IFS, because the number of seats are limited. Still there has to be at least one (UPSC/non-UPSC) exam where you can make a decent score to brag in front of your neighbors, relatives and kids. Otherwise you’ve wasted your jawaani for nothing.

In the end

Poster Milkha Singh last race
Paki coach:

Milkha Singh, this could prove to be the last race of your life.

(Because our champion Abdul Khaliq will win, and you’ll have to retire in shame.)

Milkha Singh:

I’ll also run like that (as if it is the last race of my life.)

5 thoughts on “If you want to succeed”

  1. Its very good article sir .. It will always help us for motivation…
    Thnku very much… For ur sincere efforts

  2. Dude, Firstly, I would like to thank for supporting us for our UPSC preparation.
    Secondly, I would comment on ur post which u emailed to all of us, in that post as u said that u borrowed (copy-pasted) from Mrunal.org but u forgot to edit some of its contents such as UPSC Chairperson currently is Mrs Rajni Kothariya and not Mr Aggrawal as mentioned in the post.
    Thirdly, plz sends us some question papers to solve for practice purpose not last years but any questions which you feels are tricky and hard to answer.
    If possible than plz do send for paper 1 and paper 2 as well.
    Finally, thanx for supporting all of us and I honestly respect your hard work.
    Thanx Again, Ba bye..


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