Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture 2016 Month wise

Hello Friends, this post is dedicated to Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture 2016, also Science monitor and India’s World also will be posted here,segregated on monthly basis.

January 2016

Big Picture

  1.  The Big Picture – Future of Indian Education – YouTube [Education] + Jan 2016 Yojana
  2.  The Big Picture – State of Agriculture and Rural Economy – YouTube [ Economy]
  3.  The Big Picture – Taking Stock: Defence Sector – YouTube [Security]
  4.  The Big Picture – Media at Crossroads – YouTube
  5.  The Big Picture – Pathankot attack: Will it impact Indo-Pak dialogue? – YouTube [Security]

Science Monitor

 India’s World

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  1. one of the best website for upsc and any other competitive exams…thanks…I like the way the information and datas are collected from various sources like AIR news, you tube like big picture…ete, and presented in a very simplified and refined way. keep it up!


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