UPSC 2015 Notification out!

The UPSC Civil services exam For IAS and other prestigious services has uploaded the 2015 notification today.The details briefly are given below, please go through UPSC 2015 notification in detail .

Official PDF :

Details :

Apply online : UPSC online 

Application dates: The  online  Applications  can  be  filled from  23rd May, 2015 up  to  19th  June,  2015

Date of exam : 23rd August, 2015.

Fee : Candidates (excepting Female/SC/ST/PH Candidates who are exempted from payment of fee) are required to pay fee of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only)

Number of attempts :

Every candidate appearing at theexamination who is otherwise eligible,shall be permitted six attempts at the examination.

Notwithstanding anything contained in this rule, any candidate who appeared in the Civil Services Examination, 2011 but is otherwise ineligible for Civil Services Examination, 2015 due to completion of the number of attempts available for examination under this rule,shall be permitted an additional attempt in the Civil Services Examination, 2015.

Minimum Educational Qualifications : The candidate must hold a degree .


The Commission will draw a list of candidates to be qualified for Civil Service (Main) Examination based on
the criterion of minimum qualifying marks of 33% in General Studies Paper-II of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination and total qualifying marks of General Studies Paper-I of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination as may be determined by the Commission.

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2 thoughts on “UPSC 2015 Notification out!”

  1. Hello sir…
    I need ur help n suggestions..i m working with a s/w firm ….although by now I hav finished with ncerts …but still need suggestion on how to plan my study now as I was much more dependent on csat paper 2…please sir plan a strategy for me….i m a single mother n have taken leave from office from 25th may onwards…please sir please suggest some strategy…

    • As you rightly pointed out this year UPSC has reduced CSAT weight so , GS paper will be game changer. The cutoff’s will be very high, having said that in prelims every year there are few heavy weight subjects

      Polity – laxmikanth 2 times line by line . easy scoring if they ask 15 question we must answer 13+
      Geography – 11-12th ncerts min 10 questions , also use atlas and learn map pointing
      Economy – below in detail
      Environment and Biodiversity – shankar ias printed book , 25 questions expected.
      History – min 10 questions specturum history + 11th TN ncert + nitin singhania xerox book for culture.
      science- ncerts
      and Lastly misc from current affairs, yearbook and Eco survey. Vision IAS for current affairs.
      the first 5 will cover around 60 question directly or indirectly ,so they are the most imp ones to clear prelims.

      If you know some one from delhi or some other place where latest books of UPSC are sold ,get SRIRAM’s economy for prelims it will help a lot, but economy the concepts are tough at first, but once you understand them its like a story .

      Fiscal policy , monetary policy WPI and all once you get an idea it will become very easy. you can watch all these videos by mrunal bhai, (if you know hindi too) a video a day will still cover all the videos and by prelims date you will recover in economy.

      Keep the prep simple, the books list,videos and all must look very chaotic, but trust me the simple your prep the more chances you have to clear. Also practice question papers a lot , both previous and present ones. You can mail me any time if you have any more doubts.

      PS: please call me kalyan , I am sure I am younger than you 🙂


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