Happy Birthday Bapu !

Mohandas Gandhi the man on the Indian currency , smiling old man hanging on the walls of government buildings,he was a fakir for some , bapu to some , now a days loved by few and hated by many .

Probably most written about personality in the last 100 years , yet an enigma to a nation which he is credited of liberating !

In musafir movie there is a dialogue I love ,it goes some thing like this ,
Bapu all his life fought with nonviolence and loved peace and we put his picture on one thing which is root cause for all violence , Paisa …. Money !

this is sadly how now a days he is remembered , not the way he is supposed to be remembered , he is not understood by many , and I am no expert , but still one can apply logic and reason and deduct a lot of things .

I am a huge Fan , so I must warn you I might be biased .

He is human and like all humans he also had flaws , did mistakes and blunders . But at least he tried to raise above in many ways . He did all what he could have done and Please do realize the India he walked was much different from today’s .

  • He is not the Gandhi in the Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty . Unfortunately his name is spoiled .
  • He is not responsible for Partition and he was not playing GOD , so he couldn’t have stopped it .
  • Bagath Singh death is perhaps greatest tragedy , a reformed singh by the time of his death would have been a great asset for India , sadly it might have been reduced or perhaps every thing which could have been done has been done and failed ! He is my HERO too .
  • There are many people who tried to have their say in the politics that time so its messy and not that easy as we are taught from child hood

Its easy to be ignorant but with out knowing any thing we cannot judge a man for what he did , it like passing a judgement with out a trail .

Please do read some books on this man , there are every type of them , autobiography , criticism, cynic books , threadbare analysis books , read them understand the man . I am sure there is lot to know about him and his life is definitely a message as he wanted it to be .

he will raise more questions than answers . he will make you think . He never knew me , but he fought for me ,sacrificed for me took blame , this is the least i could do for that man who selflessly tried to unite this country , liberate it and rid it of social evils , like caste and untouchability .

Gandhi for me is an Idea rather than a man and what godse forgot when he pulled that trigger is Ideas are bulletproof , he is in my brain as long as I live this idea is going to stay with me ,make me think .

I want to be the change I wish to see in this world . I love you Bapu ! Happy Birthday .


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