STOP Racism against North East Indians

In this article I discuss about the Racism against northeast people,the every day agony they face all over India with loads of examples . I also argue that Government is not doing enough and Implementation of laws could have reduced racism .

The death of Nido Taniam in the capital of India is a great shame , we as a society failed and there is no way to cover up the shame ,and this is not an isolated incident The mysterious death of Loitam Richard in Bangalore, the murder of Ramchanphy Hongray in New Delhi, the suicide by Dana Sangma and other such incidents serve as reminders of the monster called Racism .

I was in Delhi for 3 years and I can say that it’s not an easy to live in city,and the racial treatment is very common, I have heard “Chinki” as many times I heard “Behen C**d “. (I am a south Indian- A  Madrasi for most of them) . I am not by any way suggesting all dellhites are like this , but unfortunately most of them are .

Many stories and proofs of racism .

A little googling will come up with lots of articles about racism in India and many young north east students are staying in metros for education and jobs they are doomed to face racism daily , and most of the times its that kind which we cannot prove , see this one told by a unknown NE friend,

How do I prove racism when a young co-passenger on the Delhi Metro plays “Chinese” sounding music on his mobile, telling his friend that he is providing, “background music,” sneering and laughing in my direction?

There are Tons of stories like these every where almost every person from Northeast(from here on NE) has his own story to tell , this is not limited to Delhi alone all over India people have same prejudice,bias,stereotyping , calling them Chinki , momo,Nepali..etc .

The Institutions of government are big failures , the people who work in them are not immune from racism and they don’t do their work professionally ,

Davis Kime (30) is from Ziro, a picturesque Arunachal Pradesh town. He was on a house hunt in Munirka and went for police verification. Delhi Police told him they didn’t recognize driving licences of people from the Northeast. “They asked for my passport. They considered me a foreigner. I was shocked,” he recalled.

Source : TOI

Take another example , no two examples :

In a case of racial profiling, the University of Hyderabad chose to launch its 2011 “initiative” to curb drinking and drug use on campus by working with students from the north-east.

In 2007, the Delhi Police decided to solve the problems of security faced by the north-easterners in Delhi, particularly women, by coming up with a booklet entitled Security Tips for North East Students asking north-eastern women not to wear “revealing dresses” and gave kitchen tips on preparing bamboo shoot, akhuni, and “other smelly dishes” without “creating ruckus in neighbourhood.”

There is an unending stream of stories and articles out there showing us all how racial we are , one very interesting argument I have seen is people of one NE state calling other NE ones a CHINKI . some might but wrong is wrong ,it does not make it right or Justify calling them names .

In the recent study conducted by Jamia Millia Islamia’s Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research with National Commission for Women (NCW) found that 60% of women from North East India who have moved to major cities in India, are reported to face harassment and discrimination. City wise- New Delhi is reported to be most intolerant city towards women from north east India at a staggering rate of 81 per cent of women respondents facing racial discrimination.

Source : Richard Kamei

The situation is grimmer for the girls and women from the North East. Due to the color of their skin, they were popularly believed and supposed to be an “easy” and “cheap” sex prey. They were victimized lot. Delhi is a living witness to that. Source: David Buhril

The unimplemented law and apathy.

The Indian government  asked the Ministry of Home Affairs to ask all states and union territories in 2012 to take action against  anyone who commits an act of atrocity[anyone who refers to people from the North East as chinki.] against people from the region under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. The punishment — up to five years of imprisonment and denial of anticipatory bail.v

I am yet to find a major mainstream media source providing me the details of how many people have  been booked under this act for the above mentioned reason . If only the government did not stop at creating the rule but IMPLEMENTED it and created awareness in people by publicizing the act and fear in rouges that would have acted as a deterrent and may be just may be the innocent life of  Nido Taniam could have be saved . 

The government response to many NE problems show the attitude is very discouraging , Irom Sharmila , AFSPA, the secessionist issues , protection of NE people in metros , the connectivity and lack of mainstream media coverage all these show that India Ignores them .

govt have many good plans and schemes,intentions are not just enough and they are not implemented ,  the time has come to accept that we are racist bunch and accept it and start rectifying our behavior as society .

Silence is no longer an option , we need to talk more and more , more debates and awareness has to be created and bring NE India in to mainstream India, the Government is doing lot but not enough . For most  mainlanders NE is in their blind spot, an invincible  land .

A honest question how many of you can tell the names of all the NE states ?

Education is a cure to all forms of biases,prejudices, and stereotyping, its time we get educate ourselves and act accordingly .

In writing this article my intentions were to tell the majority of people the daily problems faced by NE people and Hope I didn’t sound like a racist ! and please share it with your friends , not for the merits of the article but to debate the issue, share their stories,feelings and let us know,as the saying goes Instead of hating darkness light a candle , some one has to start the change why not you ?

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