World History Israel and Palestine Conflict Explained

Israel and Palestine Conflict is always in news, from a UPSC aspirants point of view,its a evergreen but not so important topic,but having an idea or overview will always help,Crash course and Khan academy have lot of nice videos on world history which I will be sharing on a regular basis.

This is another video with nice explanation.

These will give you a basic idea of what is the problem and will be easy to remember with the nice visual representation.

India’s Stand on Palestine

India’s solidarity with the Palestinian people and its attitude to the Palestinian question was  given voice through our freedom struggle by Mahatma Gandhi. India’s empathy with the Palestinian cause and its friendship with the people of Palestine have become an integral part of its time‐tested foreign policy. In 1947, India voted against the partition of Palestine at the United Nations General Assembly. India was the first Non‐Arab State to recognize PLO as sole and
legitimate representative of the Palestinian people in 1974. India was one of the first countries to recognize the State of Palestine in 1988.

India always condemned the violence and civilian killings,but recently many changes and reports came that India might change its Pro-Palestine support stance to other ,the reason well explained by Former diplomat and UN official Chinmaya Gharekhan,

“There is no doubt that India’s position on the Israel-Palestine conflict has moderated gradually over a period of time, from its once categorical support for the Palestinian cause.”

Mr. Gharekhan says the game-changer in this regard was Israel’s assistance to India during the Kargil war, when it supplied much needed artillery shells at short notice.

“It was gratitude for this act and our growing defense relationship with Israel that made the difference in later years. Even at the UN, while we still support statements in favour of Palestine, we no longer co-sponsor such resolutions.”

The shift in stand is not completely official or pro Israel,but the Hindu in an editorial says that by taking a position of equidistance between the Palestinians and Israel Govt missed a opportunity ,

It is important to recognize that the Israel-Palestinian issue is the core of instability in West Asia — a region that is the lifeline of India’s economy because of its huge oil and gas reserves.

To wrap it up read this wonderful,article by Chinmaya Gharekhan Revisiting the Palestine issue which for a  UPSC aspirant is a treasure you will not need another source on this issue for India’s Stand on Palestine.

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