Environment and Biodiversity May 2018

Air quality
Chinese Giant Salamander
UK Plastics Pact
Goa New frog species
.Draft National Energy Storage Mission
The need for storage : 
Great Barrier Reef
Sariska National Park
Thwaites Glacier
Lake Victoria biodiversity under threat
India had 14 out of world’s 20 most polluted cities
Glow-in-the-dark algae
Taj Mahal discolouration
Western Ghats forest cover vital for Tamil Nadu’s South-West monsoon
New snake found in Western Ghats
addiction to plastic
Mains Value addition : When the rest of the world, particularly India and China, stepped on the growth pedal, the use of plastic rose exponentially. In 1950, annual plastic production was less than half a million tonnes. By 2002, when India and China were well into their high growth trajectory, production reached 200 million tonnes a year!
fall in water reserves
Mains Value addition
New technology purifies water using sunlight
Tourism behind 8% of CO2 emissions
Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano
U.S. cancels carbon monitoring project
climate variations recorded in stalagmite
Bengal florican
Multiple threats to Himalayan biodiversity
Threats to this Himayalan biodiversity
Protected lands under urbanisation pressure
Mains Value addition points: 
India’s freshwater stocks in danger
UGC directs universities to ban plastic bottles on campus
International Biodiversity Day 2018
Worsening air quality major cause of premature deaths
Humans form a minuscule part of life on earth
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