Remembering Nehru

I am yet to read this three part biography of Nehru by Sarvepalli gopal , but before that  I am quite sure  I will read second book of Gandhi’s Biography by Ramchandra Guha  which will have lots of details on Nehru .

As a kid I only knew that today is children’s day and birthday of chacha Nehru, there will be fancydress competition ,chocolates , and a portrait of chacha Nehru  with him  smiling at us with a red rose in his pocket , and after celebrations we can go home soon wow!

No body explains you this man , nope not even one person they all say he is the first prime minister of India, he loved children and he is a great freedom fighter. No incentive to love him back 60 years later , how am I supposed to know the sacrifice the greatness , IMHO I think the grownups first need to know about him , then explain the children who Nehru is so that they will really know and like him.

He is undoubtedly the greatest Prime minister we ever had , no debates .As my friend Rakesh said Nehru is great because idea of India is Idea of Nehru.

The amount of challenges and problems he faced is unparalleled , He became the PM in most turbulent times , the Partition , the assassination of Gandhi , then the unification of princely states and then the death of Sardar Patel all these incidents have national implications , But it was Nehru who sailed us through all these storms.

like all men he too had his flaws , he did some mistakes but lets no rush to judge him based on few things, When Gandhi chose Nehru over Patel as his successor he was not blind , he saw that this man has that skill and ability to take this nations great heights .

Its easy to blame him for many reasons , some more logical like his economic policies, his misplaced trust on his colleagues and the china war and some more personal one’s like his relation to lady Mountbatten and the conspiracy lovers favorite part his death.

He was unquestioned leader of the nation that time , this helped him to take good and bad decision very easily ,but because of him this nation in what it is today . The democratic Institutions are strenghtend by his leadership , the first elections , the Indian Institutes and the state reorganization ,the PSU’s the more we analyze Nehru from a neutral point we will realize that this man has achieved more than most of the PM’S put together .

Sadly the country he loves is forgetting him , thanks to people like Guha we are still able to learn many things , and after reading the Patriots and Partisans I realized what a visionary he was .

The country is forgetting his , his vision his goals and ideas, Just see TheHindu today ,only three Remembering him ad’s , Congress the party with largest funds seems to forgot him .

Read about him , analyse him , NMML have his complete collected works , he is an open book don’t heed to rumors .

Happy Birthday Nehru ji , I love you .

On this wonderful day Sachin Tendulkar the greatest batsman of his era is retiring from the game , I have nothing new to say about sachin , a billion people will miss him that it self is a great tribute, He is a man who played the game for game’s own sake !

He is a great batsman and a better Human.Love you Sachin bhai ! we will miss you.

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