India’s costliest ever elections

 Outlook’s con­servative estimate is Rs 31,950 crore—a little over $5.2 billion—ten times the Rs 3,426 crore the government spent in conducting the polls. The figure compares with the official US 2012 election spending of $7 billion, around Rs 42,000 crore. And it’s over half of the ambitious  NREGA programme—so you can get the scale! Bla­tant money power is an indicator of how big business is funding parties.

Read the complete article here Count Your Zeroes Before They Addle Outlook Magazine.

If you have access to this months Frontline Magazine, read interview with S.Y. Quraishi, former CEC. He recently published his An Undocumented Wonder : The Making of the Great Indian Electionnew book  An Undocumented Wonder : The Making of the Great Indian Election . 

No where else on the planet do nearly 800,000 men and women assemble to cast their votes for a democratic government. In this book, S. Y. Quraishi tries to illuminate readers about the pitfalls and hurdles that the election commission faces, and how it has managed to pull through and pull off election after election in the greatest display of democracy that the world has ever seen.

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