Kavita Bhanot The Misogyny of India’s Cultural Elite

Guest post by KAVITA BHANOT for KAFILA  She appreciates the bravery of young women to come out and complain about the sexual harassment they face in their workplace , the more I read the more I realize that sexual harassment is more deeply ingrained in our modern lifestyle and how SOME women also help and encourage or be indifferent to what is happening to Young and Pretty girls.

The inability or need of job is making most of them  to silently bare the harassment , quitting is not an option for most of them ,so the evil is ever present and nothing can be done about it .

As the relationships between men and women continue to change there will continue to be many such cases – it is important for women to see them for what they are, and for men to interrogate more deeply how they relate to women – hopefully the highlighting of this particular case will encourage us to do this, to attempt to create new moral frameworks for male female interactions.

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