Take a breath

Have you ever seen something that someone else made that you just hated? What happened next? Did you rush to Facebook or Twitter to share your disdain with the world?

I wrote this post .

UPSC exam is like no other exam,its stirs up emotions ,some times makes your blood boil , some times you enter into fierce debates with your best friends and fight like there is no tomorrow , all this because you both passionately want to change some thing , the other persons opinion or some thing in the society .

Every body is a critic.

We judge so easily , either the politicians or the system or bureaucrats, even our friends we judge instantly . It reminds me of this quote

Don’t judge me for my choices when you don’t understand my reasons.

I used to think its so easy to make decisions when you have so much power(Politicians) then slowly I realized the myriad ways of decision making , it was only as straight forward as it was show in the movies then India would have been a better place ,no doubt many decision not taken by politicians could have been taken with out any fear or favor but they just lack the zeal .

Only after reading The Insider by P. V. Narasimha Rao I realized how difficult it is in India or any where else for that matter for politicians to take decisions . To stay in power . This post is Inspired by the politicians and their unruly behavior both in and out of the Parliament .

I must confess that I am not an expert , but still you cannot miss the obvious things in front of your eyes .Reading newspaper and other websites daily gives you lot of knowledge combined with analysis and not being able to do any thing will make you some times really frustrated .

If you are a public Administration student , or if you have read the recommendations of any government report the first point you can write in any answer with out thinking is LACK OF POLITICAL WILL .

This post you must understand can be categorized as a frustration post .

After saying all those things about decision making and all I cannot defend the STUPID things happening in India irrespective of who is doing them . I always believed in Nehru’s Idea of India and firm believer in Institutions and when they are dying daily bit by bit it makes me sad beyond words . And the Recent attempted of murder of Democracy in Parliament by its own protectors is the case in point.

take a breath !

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