Articles to read in Newspapers June 10th 2019

These are Suggested Articles for  10th June 2019 from The Hindu and Indian Express also included in the post are articles from various news papers..

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Mains questions based on June 10th (Monday) Current Affairs

Questions framed by Dr G Vivekananda

Q1) St. Petersburg consensus is an excellent demonstration of growing bonhomie between Russia and China , two dominant Regional powers in Asia. Briefly discuss the Factors responsible for this. How should India respond to this phenomenon.


Q2) Civil liberties are a bedrock of democracy, any attempts to thwart them can damage social fabric beyond repair. Analyse this statement in the context of recent arrests made by UP police for alleged online criticism and defamation of Government.


Q3) Inculcating scientific temper among students is extremely important to build and sustain civilised societies. Explain. Discuss various factors that can hinder this process. Suggest suitable solutions to address this problem.


Q4) Draft National Education Policy (NEP) acknowledges a “severe learning crisis” in India and attributes a major part of this crisis to a “tragic deficiency” in early childhood care and education (ECCE) of children. In this context, Analyse the importance of early childhood care and education. Add a note on measures to be taken to strengthen it.


Q5) Moon landing capabilities are a significant demonstration of Indian technological prowess in the space sector. Analyse various complexities involved in this, with an emphasis on possible positive spin offs to Indian technological capability. Source:

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