Articles to read in Newspapers June 11th 2019

These are Suggested Articles for  11th June 2019 from The Hindu and Indian Express also included in the post are articles from various news papers..

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Mains questions By Dr.G. Vivekananda

Q1) Resolution of the stressed assets is an immediate challenge that exists before Indian Economy. In this context, Critically Analyse the potential of recently released “Prudential framework for resolution of stressed assets” circular in addressing this serious economic concern.


Q2) India’s neighbourhood policy had to be “more generous”, freed from reciprocity and should be in tune with the principle of enlightened national interest. Discuss in the context of recent trends in India’s relationship with Maldives and Srilanka.


Q3) Artificial Intelligence often touted as the most disruptive and self-transformative technology of the 21st century, If not regulated properly, is bound to have unmanageable implications. Discuss in detail. Add a note on possible ethical concerns and dilemmas.


Q4) It is estimated by policy experts that “world will have to produce 70% more food and an additional billion tonnes of cereals to keep up with population growth.” In this context critically examine the need for commercial cultivation of genetically modified crops in food sector.


Q5) India’s aim of achieving regional and global stability and prosperity is bolstered by it’s entry and active engagement in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and this is a win win situation for both India and the grouping. Substantiate the statement with relevant details

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