Important Keywords and Topics In Newspapers [28-4-20]

Read between the lines is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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  • Covid-19
  • Reserve Bank of India
    • mutual funds
    • what is Repo rate
  • Maoists
  • lGBT community
  • What are active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Chief justice of India
  • supreme court
  • World health organisation
  • United nation security council
  • the role of state as an enforcer of public goods will increase afer COIVD19 comment
  • Disaster management act
  • what is foreign direct investment recent Indian government decision to restrict FDI from countries with land boundaries to India
  • regional economic comprehensive partnership
  • belt and road initiative
  • Brexit
  • During States Prefer to dilute accountability and transparency but states should balance quick decisions and accountability and transparency . comment
  • Common services centres
  • who are banking correspondents
  • Bodoland territorial area district
  • what is sixth schedule
  • what is governor’s rule
  • what are encrypted messaging apps — Security threat or protection of privacy ?
  • VoIP services
  • Stockholm international peace research institute –top military spenders
  • What is 3D printing
  • blood plasma therapy
  • jal Jeevan mission
  • Taliban
  • What is external debt
  • what constitutes foreign exchange reserves in India
  • what do you understand by Chinese debt trap
  • World Bank & IMF
  • What are sovereign bonds
  • Places in News : Yemen & North Korea
  • Emergency powers should not be a weapon governments can use to hamper Human rights or will lead to human rights disaster .
  • Security exchange board of India
  • what is cost of doing business
  • what is the sensex

Value addition and food for thought

“The message that India should imbibe from the Pakistani experience is that once religion is employed, even for instrumental purposes, as the principal component of a nation’s identity, it is inevitable that the most bigoted religious elements will end up defining the dominant ideology of the nation’s polity. The experience of Israel teaches the same lesson. Established by a secular elite that used religio-ethnic identity for instrumental purposes, it has ended up empowering Jewish fundamentalists who now hold the political balance.”

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