Parivarthan Read between the lines [The Hindu 6-6-19]

Hello friends we are starting a new initiative “Parivarthan Read between the lines ” ,this is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

  • We urge each and every aspirant to read newspapers daily.
  • This Read between the lines is focused on daily notes making through focused keywords and Topics.
  • It also works as a layered preparation with daily effort than dumping all material in one day/month/week.
  • It helps you interlink with wide range of topics, revise static syllabus and also make you spend some quality time on one particular topic.
  • The advantages will be 6 months down the line there will be hardly any topics which you have zero idea about, you will revise each important topic in news multiple times, revise static syllabus on a constant basis
  • It will help your mains answer writing immensely and prepare you for any kind of prelims 2020 paper.
  • To filter out the noise and help you read only the essential articles in line with syllabus we post daily suggested articles to read in newspapers.
  • This compliments to the newspaper reading.
  • You can also crowd source by posting links to the keywords in the comments so that it helps every one.
  • It’s Free , only fee is your time invested in quality preparation for your name in the final list.

We pour tremendous time, thought, resources, to bring you Parivarthan. If you find it useful , please subscribe for Free daily Email Updates

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Parivarthan Read between the lines [The Hindu 6-6-19]

Keywords to focus upon… for UPSC

  • What are Cabinet committees – Cabinet secretariat
  • UNDP – Equator Prize – Sustainable development and link to growing millets.
    • Interlink to Year of millets/pulses/ Elinor Ostrom global commons
  • Nipha virus- host- H1N1-Encephalitis, Meningitis
  • Gestational diabetes mellitus – Non communicable diseases/life style disease
  • Earthquake- epicentre
  • Social media- Police – Assam example ganja seizure
    • Golden triangle- golden crescent
  • Vacation Bench
  • Languages of India/Language families- 8th schedule -Official languages
  •  National Solar Mission under the National Action Plan on Climate Change. Solar Photovoltaic panels and the process
  • Safeguard duty- World trade organisation
  • G 20
  • Enforcement directorate – Prevention of money laundering act -Comptroller and auditor general
  • Election commission -VVPAT
  • PM Jan arogya Yojana
  • National Register of Citizens
  • Exercise Garuda
  • What is DBT ?
  • CBI-  Ministry ?
  • What is 5g Technology.
  • What is FDI _FPI _strong Inflows good or bad ?
  • what are Commercial papers ?  rating agencies ?
  • What is Micro-finance ? NBFC? Small Finance banks ?
  • What is non performing asset?

We always welcome feedback and suggestions , you can also post any links which enhances this initiative in the comments below.  @naylak

3 thoughts on “Parivarthan Read between the lines [The Hindu 6-6-19]”

  1. Do we have to find out the answers of these questions from Wikipedia or what do we have to do exactly?

  2. Just focus on these words. If you don’t know what are they , search , if you find them important enough to make notes , make notes. This is an excellent initiative and no other institute came up with such a thing. The is the fairest way of reading current affairs. Thank you Kalyan.


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