Parivarthan Read between the lines [The Hindu 7-6-19]

Parivarthan Read between the lines ” , intiative to help aspirants self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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Parivarthan Read between the lines [The Hindu 7-6-19]

  • Cabinet committees
  • Reserve bank of India – Regulator ? Transmission rates
  • Repo rate- basis points
  • Sensex- Nifty – Equity and capital markets -Stock markets
  • what is inflation?
  • Niti Aayog – PM economic council- Cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence- Machine learning – Augmented reality
  • what is Global data protection and regulation GDPR – Data Localisation
  • Nipha virus- host- H1N1
  • Coastal regulation zone 1-2-3 ?
  • National consumer dispute redressal commission
  • Basel 3 norms – Leverage ratio
  • Map- Sudan – Darafur-kharatoum – Nile river -Sinai Peninsula
  • UN security council – India a member ?
  •  Sports Diplomacy
  • Neighborhood first policy
  • White shipping
  • Swach Bharat mission Ministry –
  • PM Awas Yojana Ministry -beneficiary
  • Ujjwala scheme – Ministry -beneficiary
  • TRS 2/3 rd defection – Anti defection law – 10th schedule
  • BIMSTEC- SAARC -G20-African union
  • CII – pressure groups
  • what are think tanks ? how do they contribute ?
  • What is Spectrum ? 4g/5g
  • What is bailout package in relation to Public sector units ?
  • National investigation agency ?
  • What is one china principle ? Taiwan ? what is India’s official stand on it ?
  • START treaty – New Start pact ?
  • NBFC- Liquidity crisis
  • What is Crowding out effect ? good or bad ?
  • What are payment banks ? can they issue credit cards ?
  • What are domestic systemically important banks ? eligibility criteria and how many are there in India ?
  • Ethanol – Bio-fuels
  • GST- excise tax
  • Botanical/Zoological survey of India – Ministry.

If you know meaning or basic details that will be more than enough in initial stages, like GST – Goods and service tax- indirect tax reform that will be enough, as you progress with covering static books or classes you will gain in depth knowledge. Please dont waste time doing too much research on any one topic, just keep in mind these words and topics are important.

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