Read Between the Lines [20-12-19]

Read between the lines is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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  • Citizenship amendment act
  • national register of citizens
  • what are civil society groups  are they pressure groups
  • Ram Prasad Bismil ,Ashfaqullah Khan.
  • Special economic zone
  • lion-tailed Macaque
  • Naxalism -maoist
  • anti corruption bureau
  • rythu Bandhu
  • Kolam tribe particularly vulnerable tribal group
  • DRDO
  • Benami transactions prohibition act
  • section 144 of CRPC
  • niti aayog – population policy
  • two plus two dialogue with USA
  • communications compatibility and security agreement comcasa
  • the basic exchange and cooperation agreement for gio spatial cooperation beca
  • General security of military information agreement gsomia
  • Logistics exchange memorandum of understanding
  • Indian ocean region
  • Portuguese- Gandhi
  • national food security act
  • fair price shops
  • National agricultural cooperative marketing federation of India
  • Central bureau of investigation
  • What is difference between disinformation and mis information
  • what is draconian law
  • enforcement directorate
  • fugitive economic offenders act
  • what is retrospective application of taxes
  • What is disinvestment
  • liberalisation
  • public sector units– maharatna status
  • strategic sale
  • privatisation
  • Afghanistan
  • sarbananda sonowal vs union of India the supreme court held that massive influx of illegal migrants from neighbouring countries amounts to external aggression and internal disturbances
  • UNICEF and children’s protest
  • inflation
  • repo rate
  • reserve Bank of India
  • operation twist
  • open market operation
  • National company law tribunal
  • committee of creditors
  • insolvency and bankruptcy code
  • what is basis point

Operation twist

Hat tip Vivek Singh Sir  ,
1) Operation Twist is when the central bank uses the proceeds from sale of short-term securities to buy long-term government debt papers, leading to easing of interest rates on the long term papers.
2) Whe RBI’s objective is to decrease the interest on long term lending, so that the company’s are able to borrow at cheaper rate for long term to promote economic grwoth…….then RBI purchases debt papers of long term maturity of govt. So, when RBI is purchasing the debt paper, that means RBI is giving loan/money for long term….which results in easy availability of money for long term…henceforth decreasing in long term ineterest rate.
3) If RBI will purchase long term bonds, then the price of long term bond will go up and the yield/return will be low/soften.  (If Rs. 100 bond paper (face value) with interest rate 8% is available in Rs. 110 in the market then the yield will be (Rs.8/Rs. 110)*100  = 7.27%

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