Read between the lines [The Hindu 10-6-19]

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Constitution, Polity & Governance

  • Draft New education policy (NEP) important recommendations
  • Right To Education act.
  • What are Foreigners Tribunals ? Through out the country or only in Assam ? Citizenship- Refer Laxmikanth
  • What are Tribunals ? 323A-323B. Difference ? Refer Laxmikanth
  • NCPCR ?
  • What is Writ petetion ? only SC or HC also power of writ ?
  • SIAM- CII- what is lobbying ? legal or illegal in India ? what are pressure groups examples ?
  • NITI aayog -planning commission difference ?
  •  What is Assam accord ? National register of Citizens- Who is an illegal immigrant ?
  • What is Unlawful activities prevention act ? any criticism ?

Geography, ,Environment, Biodiversity and Disaster Management

  • Where is Bandhavgarh tiger reserve ? Sariska Tiger reserve ?
  • Depression- Cyclonic storms- Low or high pressure ?
  • What are PET plastic bottles ? Single use plastic ?
  • Carbon emissions – Green Tax ?

Science and Technology

  • ISRO- Chadrayaan 2 – what are Vikram and Pragyan ? Launched by GSLV or PSLV ?
  • Enforcement Directorate is under which ministry ?  what are FEMA and PMLA acts ?
  • Gene edited babies ? Designer babies ?


  • What are central armed forces which ministry and borders they patrol -SSB-ITBP-BSF-Assam Rifles ? what about CISF ?
  • What is BrahMos developed by ? What is supersonic/ hypersonic ? s-400 ?

International relations

  • What is act east policy ?
  •  What is European Union -any link to Brexit ?
  • International Criminal court – how is it different from International court of Justice ?


  • What is Generalized system of Preferences ?
  • WTO- Enabling clause – Appellate body ?

Society & Social issues

  • What are the various diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes ? is Nipha one of them ?
  • What is mid day meal scheme ? how does it help education system in broader context ?

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