Read between the lines [The Hindu 13-6-19]

Hello friends we are starting a new initiative “Parivarthan Read between the lines ” ,this is to encourage aspirants to self study and refocus on the newspapers instead of totally depending on third party sources for their preparation.

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  • We urge each and every aspirant to read newspapers daily.
  • This Read between the lines is focused on daily notes making through focused keywords and Topics.
  • It also works as a layered preparation with daily effort than dumping all material in one day/month/week.
  • It helps you interlink with wide range of topics, revise static syllabus and also make you spend some quality time on one particular topic.
  • The advantages will be 6 months down the line there will be hardly any topics which you have zero idea about, you will revise each important topic in news multiple times, revise static syllabus on a constant basis
  • It will help your mains answer writing immensely and prepare you for any kind of prelims 2020 paper.
  • To filter out the noise and help you read only the essential articles in line with syllabus we post daily suggested articles to read in newspapers.
  • This compliments to the newspaper reading.
  • You can also crowd source by posting links to the keywords in the comments so that it helps every one.
  • It’s Free , only fee is your time invested in quality preparation for your name in the final list.

Read between the lines [The Hindu 13-6-19]

Constitution, Polity & Governance

  • What is contempt of Court ?
  • Right to education act ?
  • Imposition of Governor/president rule ?
  • Citizenship amendment bill
  • Article 370 -35 A
  • NRC -Assam- Foreigners tribunal
  • Who head union cabinet ? what is importance of cabinet ?
  • Muslim women bill 2019
  • What is ordinance ? when can it be issued ?
  • Voluntary submission of Aadhar ?  Aadhar and other laws amendment bill
  • What is extradition ? do we have agreements with various countries ?

Society & Social issues

  • 90% of senior citizens are being victimized by their own family members or by society -World elder abuse awareness day .
  • What do you understand by atrocities on Dalits ? Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.
  • ILO – UN body ?
  • What are Anganwadi centres ? Asha workers ?
  • WHO -Ebola
  • What is fake news ? Post truth ? and deep fake ?

International relations

  • SAGAR- Indian ocean region – Neighborhood first policy
  • Belt road Initiative ?
  • Xinjiang (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region)  Muslim Uyghur minority
  • S400- CAATSA
  • Eastern Economic Forum
  • UNSC 1267 -Masood Azhar
  • Map and Importance for India
    • North south transport corridor
    • Chabahar Port
    • India- Myanmar- Thailand Trilateral highway
    • Gwadar port
  • Ashgabat agreement
  • CPEC – India’s objection ?
  • Rerorms at UNSC ?


  • What is retail inflation
  • What are farm loan waivers ?
  • What is economic liberalization ? 1991 reforms ?
  • What is agrarian economy?
  • What is Index of Industrial Production ?
  • What is Consumer price index ?
  • What is MCLR?
  • What is easy monetary policy ? more or less liquidity ?
  • What is Fiscal deficit ? can you interlink to farm loan waiver ?


  • What is NIA ?
  • What is Radicalisation and role of social media and apps ?
  • ISIS
  • CRPF
  • What is Hawala ?
  • What is Naxalism?

Science and Technology

  • ISRO- Chadrayaan 2 – what are Vikram and Pragyan ?  GSLV ?
  • DRDO – Hyper sonic technology demonstrator vehicle
  • What is Scram jet engine ?
  • Super sonic speeds ?

Geography, ,Environment, Biodiversity and Disaster Management

  • Cyclone Vayu- how are cyclones named ?
  • IMD -Classification of Cyclones ?
  • Heat wave  ? Criteria for Heat Wave: IMD
  • National Crisis Management Committee(NCMC)
  • National Disaster Response Force (NDRF)
  • What is Bharat Stage VI
  • What are micro plastic ? Great pacific garbage patch?
  • What are corals ?

History, Indian Heritage and Culture,

  • Ashoka pillars
  • Sardar patel, Lal bahdur shastri , Gandhi, Ambedkar

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