Today’s Paper 14th June India

The Hindu lead is on AFSPA and IE today contains farewell piece of National Interest by Shekhar Gupta ,an article by Raja Mohan on Maritime security is a must read.

Indian Express

Modi and the maritime imperative C. Raja Mohan

The commissioning of the INS Vikramaditya late last year has made India the only Asian nation other than pre-war Japan to operate more than one aircraft carrier at a time.

Bars on freedom  Maharashtra government spares no effort to close down dance bars, in its misguided war on vice.

National Interest: 8,618 [Optional read]

Engaging opinion writing, therefore, tends to be more about disagreement and argument than about affirmation and endorsement.

The Hindu

Counter to the spirit of counter-insurgency

It is time India considers a repeal of AFSPA not merely out of a concern for human rights but also out of a desire to refocus its internal security regime.

Pricing public transport

The launch of the metro railway service in Mumbai, which has enhanced public transport.

EPW Useful editorials from last two weeks.

No Freedom to Despise

Mission Impossible

Hostage to Questionable Priors

Debating Electoral Systems

What Future for the Media in India?

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