UPSC Preparation needs lot of Information and knowledge and there is no one source to gather all the information , here I am sharing UPSC Suggested Readings which will help you in your preparation .

All the sources linked here are very useful ,but you should use discretion in studying them ,dont study from cover to cover read only those articles which are highly useful and try to notes .

Table of Contents

Magazines :

There are numerous magazines available for UPSC preparation but nothing beats Government Publications ! so top priority to them and I strongly suggest reading them, Do not think I am suggesting too many magazines , in a month you might need to read only 10 articles from all the magazines clubbed together rest you dont need to or will be covered from newspaper .  Read Selectively .

  1. Yojana*** (Selective issues and Selective topics ) Selective is the Key Word ! Also available in regional languages . Thankfully Entire Archives are freely available .
  2. Kurukshetra HighlySelective .
  3.  Civil Service Chronicle (Optional) But very useful given that you revise selected articles .
  4. Seminar very very useful but highly selective  .
  5. EPW*** (Economic & Political  Weekly) a must read magazine , it has too many articles and comes weekly so please do read Editorials every week , they are free in net editions also . And use your discretion to read rest of articles .
  6. Frontline A Hindu Publication have very useful cover story articles .

News Papers :

  1. The Hindu Completely .
  2. Indian Express

Websites :

  1. Gateway House India Good Source for India Foreign relations articles . Only after reading C. Raja Mohan of IE
  2. Project syndicate Articles Related to India only
  3. Mruanl Bhai It all started with him !
  4. It’s like Government notice board all the ministries and announcements are here at one place .
  5. IDSA Defense studies and Analysis . IR related articles .
  6. Anay Dwivedi My Inspiration good articles for new comers .
  7. PRS Analysis of all the bills and their summary one stop for bills  and PRS blog analysis of various issues very useful .


  1. This site provide all important channels live,Loksabha TV,Rajya sabha TV,FM Gold channel to listen to news and Daily Spotlight News analysis.
  2. Rajya Sabha TV youtube channel.
  3. Mrunal Youtube channel for economic and geography related topics.
  4. InsightsOnIndia Hindu Daily news analysis.

Reports and Govt Publications:

Update :

The Following are the collection of links for various purposes in UPSC originally created by jackisbck, thanks to him for such amazing collection.

  2. question 2 : ECONOMY is tough can’t understand concept ?
  3. question 3 :GEOGRAPHY is too wide, can’t remember everything ?


  1. GEOGRAPHY videos links for GS purpose only
  3. PIB, Government of India
  4. PRSLegislative
  5. DOWN TO EARTH links
  8. Art and Culture – IGNOU ( NEW)
  9. Constitution and Law – IGNOU (NEW)

Useful Government Websites For Civil Service Preparation

  1. – Download NCERT Texts as PDF.
  2. – Download NIOS Online Materials.
  3. – Download Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazines.
  4. – Official Website of UPSC.
  5. – Press Information Bureau Website, for government updates.
  6. – PRS Website for tracking bills in Parliament.
  7. – IDSA website for Defense and Foreign relations.
  8. – Indian Council for Global relations.
  9. – Ministry of Environment and Forests.
  10. – Ministry of External Affairs.
  11. – Download Budget and Economic Survey.
  12. – Press Trust of India.
  13. – Knowledge initiative by InDG.
  14. – Make in India initiative for manufacturing related info.

Did I miss any good resource ? Please do let me know ! you can share your feedback and Opinions in comments section , I am open to your ideas .

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