Insights free Current Affairs Material 2018

Insights free current affair monthly magazines are shared here and this is a list post of all the 2018 current affairs magazines. Below are the links where you can download Free IAS preparation material from Insights.

  1. Insights Jan 2018 Current Affairs
  2. Insights Feb 2018 Current Affairs
  3. Insights March 2018 Current Affairs
  4. Insights April 2018 Current Affairs
  5. May 2018 current affairs PART 1
  6. Insights May 2018 Current Affairs
  7. Insights June 2018 Current Affairs
  8. Insights July 2018 Current Affairs
  9. Insights August 2018 Current Affairs
  10. Insights September 2018 Current Affairs
  11. Insights October 2018 Current Affairs
  12. Insights November 2018 Current Affairs
  13. Insights December 2018 Current Affairs

Free Materials for UPSC Prelims 2017

It’s raining materials this year for prelims preparation, literally every institute and websites out there is trying to provide the best materials they can and help the aspirants and gain new students/followers.

Except Sriram and Parivarthan yeah that’s us every body is in the race to create materials and that’s a very good news to aspirants in deed, but also it’s not so good thing because too much material is confusing. We decided to do what we are good at, which is to share all the good stuff and add few lines of wisdom to go along with that .

So what and where is the good stuff ?

Good material is that which covers topics comprehensively and selects issues or articles which help in prelims, mains and interview.

Absolutely Vision IAS current affairs is the king in my opinion in this matter, you can download vision IAS materials here, just to be safe for prelims we recommend aspirants to read magazines from June 2016 РMay 2017. Also Vision IAS have Important issues  for prelims 2017 , so far only Environment issues is released,  vision PT 365 materials will be coming soon which is nothing but subject wise vision Current affairs in new shape , so dont wait for it.

Update : Here is link to Vision IAS PT365 materials.

Actually come to think of it Hindu is the king of materials, but most people are confused what to read and how to read , most importantly what not to read, I found Vajiram Current affairs more helpful in this matter, their materials seems to be based on Hindu, simplified, comprehensive and concise.

Download Vajiram Current affairs material .

What about Insights, yes their current affairs material is very good too, I personally found it exhaustive. But their Insights Prelims 2017 Revision Modules are very nice. So far they released

these are more helpful I think. Reading 12 months of vision and revising it properly will it self be a huge task , so instead of reading every current affairs material one time I humbly suggest read any one twice. will leave it to your wise judgement.

I am not done yet , neither are they !

Shankar IAS institute also started sharing current affairs magazine and Important prelims material as IAS parliament Target 2017 , so far they released

They also have current affairs magazine if you are interested

Phew not yet done with them

They have  Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine gist of every month !

Gist of Yojana

Gist of Kurukshetra

So if you are still hungry for some more materials this time we point you towards GS Score ! They started an initiative called IAS prelims 2017 in 100 days they freely upload each and every day a PDF which helps in revision, open and free to all just register with them !  They also have Current affairs magazine.

As Mrunal bhai is the First one to start helping aspirants, his blog is a must and his YouTube channel is must for economy. He recently posted some excellent videos on Monetary policy go check it out !

yes there are ten other upcoming institutes and websites and an academy demolisher who became an academy are all there , but honestly friends reading too many materials is a sin, read any one, at max two, not more than that for current affairs, also never read static part from any other source other than text books.

Update : few requests for test series links came, so we posted a link in the comment, we are just the messenger pointing you to the source, not linked/affiliated or own that channel . Not responsible for what they share in that channel , any issues take it with that channel owners.

Practice is the mantra, write as many tests as possible. Keep revising, and keep coming back to this post for all updates in one place ! happy reading,good luck .. Hope this helps ūüôā

Insights Daily Current Events 2015 Month wise compilation

These are PDF’s of¬†Insights Daily Current Events arranged month wise compiled as PDF files,the good people at Insights Upload these posts daily which are very useful for mains 2015.

All we did was to download all the PDF’s of each month and combine them in to one, which it self is time consuming, so we watermarked them for our hard work, but real hard work is done by Insights team. Also please note that they are direct PDF saved files in toto, so in few files the quiz name list was lengthy.

We did not modify any thing, so please do ignore the quiz part at the end of each day’s post, we just simplified it by making all the months PDF’s in to one big PDF. They are from January to August 2015.

As mentioned above the real appreciation and gratitude goes to insights team,we just water marked to protect our effort.

PM’s Act East Policy Lok Sabha Tv Insight

We are just experimenting with this new feature, this video is about¬†PM’s Act East Policy Lok Sabha Tv Insight discussion, uploaded for UPSC aspirants, if you find it useful spread the word , also please leave your valuable feedback.