Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture 2016 Month wise

Hello Friends, this post is dedicated to Rajya Sabha TV Big Picture 2016, also Science monitor and India’s World also will be posted here,segregated on monthly basis.

January 2016

Big Picture

  1.  The Big Picture – Future of Indian Education – YouTube [Education] + Jan 2016 Yojana
  2.  The Big Picture – State of Agriculture and Rural Economy – YouTube [ Economy]
  3.  The Big Picture – Taking Stock: Defence Sector – YouTube [Security]
  4.  The Big Picture – Media at Crossroads – YouTube
  5.  The Big Picture – Pathankot attack: Will it impact Indo-Pak dialogue? – YouTube [Security]

Science Monitor

 India’s World

Special Report – Right To Education

This is a wonderful episode from Rajya Sabha TV , about the Right to Education act , this episode have tons of very useful data and deep analysis , do watch it .

Land Bill: Can amended version stand scrutiny?

This Big picture episode discusses about the LARR bill which is passed by loksabha with few amendments and it is yet to be seen whether the bill will be passed in Rajya sabha.

14th Finance Commission: Breaking new path?

In this debate on 14th Finance Commission the panel is so experienced and diverse,it consists of N C Saxena (Former Member of the National Advisory Council) ; Dr. Arvind Virmani (Former Advisor, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India and Economist) ; Prof. Praveen Jha and Prof. N R Bhanumurthy.

The Big Picture – Revising GDP calculation: How will it help?

India Changes GDP Calculation Method Statistics Ministry Changing Base Year for Benchmark, Switches to Market-Price Calculation , The Indian statistics ministry said that after updating the base year used for marking trends in the economy and switching to a market-price calculation of gross domestic product, the economy grew by 6.9% in the year that ended last March. Using the previous methodology, GDP expansion that year was 4.7%.

Since January 2010, the base year for India’s statisticians had been the 12 months that ended in March 2005. FIndia Revised GDP base year.rom now on, it will be the year that ended March 2012.

The updated calculation also suggests that manufacturing in the year ended March 2014 was a larger share of India’s economic activity than previously thought—18% instead of 15%—while real estate, hotels and financial and business services constituted a smaller share—51% instead of 60%. Agriculture’s contribution grew to 17% from 14% with the revision.

“Real GDP or GDP at constant (2011-12) prices stands at Rs 92.8 lakh crore and Rs 99.2 lakh crore, respectively for the years 2012-13 and 2013-14, showing growth of 5.1 percent during 2012-13, and 6.9 percent during 2013-14,” said a release.

The Big Picture – Party funding: Do parties get clean funds?

Recently AAP has been blamed for using alleged black money in its political campaign,this calls for a look in to the debate on the larger picture of electoral reforms in India. Though the blame game of parties continue ,AAP’s transparent funding and self declaration is a welcome move.Watch this debate for diversified views.

Vodafone decision: Will it trigger investments?

Vodafone decision: Will it trigger investments?Guests: Ajay Dua (Former Secretary, Industries and Commerce) ; Prashant Bhushan (Lawyer, Supreme Court) ; S K Jindal (Chairman, Investments and Investors Protection Committee, ASSOCHAM) ; K A Badarinath (Editor, Policy, Financial Chronicle)

The Big Picture – Importance of Census Data on Religion

Discussion about  Importance of Census Data on Religion by Wajahat Habibullah Former Chairman, National Commission for Minorities ; Prof. S S Jodhka Centre for the Study of Social Systems, JNU ; Rakesh Sinha Director, India Policy Foundation ; Dr. M Vijayanunni Former Census Commissioner and former Chief Secretary of Kerala.

To The Point with Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

In conversation with Former President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. In this interview, Dr. Kalam shares his thoughts on the economic development in India; the need for a national policy on innovation; transformation of national politics and more.

What ails India’s foreign policy?

The discussion on Rajya sabha Tv between Rajiv Sikri (Former Secretary, MEA), Lalit Mansingh (Former Foreign Secretary) ,C Rajamohan (Foreign Affairs Expert) Anchoerd by Bharat Bhushan.

The key issues discussed are Under staffing in MEA and the shift of role from MEA to PMO, quality in the IFS . Role of think tanks and universities,different  Ministries and the coordination between them in Foreign policy . This discussion will be helpful more like a revision on all that is wrong in India’s Foreign policy to those who are in touch with international relations.


Evaluation of social sector programs

Evaluation of social sector programs Discussion by Dr. Ajay Chhibber (Director General, Independent Evaluation Office, Government of India) ; Dr. Howard White (Executive Director, 3ie, New Delhi) ; Thoriq Ali Luthfi (Minister of State for Health, Maldives) ; Biraj Patnaik (Principal Advisor, Right to Food in the office of Commissioners to Supreme Court)