14000+ Objective Questions

Update for those who are aspiring for UPSC 2017, Arihant have updated their 14000+ Objective Questions by Manohar Pandey for prelims general studies.

This is a good book, it is divided in to subject wise and topic wise, after reading a topic say for example , about soils or Harrapan civilization , refer to this book for questions from that area, you will know all the previous question asked by UPSC till now  from that topic.

So in next revision your mind will automatically remind you to focus on most important area in that topic. Lot of time is there for next prelims, so start early, going by new standards, you also need to read lot of current affairs and revise them too.

14000+ Objective Questions by Manohar Pandey * is an affiliate link, this is not a sponsored post, we recommend it based on merit and lack of better alternative.

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