AIR spotlight news analysis 2016 month wise

Hello friends this is a collection of AIR spotlight news analysis 2016 segregated month wise and day wise under each month, so that before exams it will be easy to scan and select important topics to listen.

Update : we are updating AIR spotlight news analysis 2017 month wise too.

We will update From Jan to Dec 2106 in this single post, Our previous posts 2014,2015.

AIR spotlight news analysis 2016 month wise

Add to your google drive and download in bulk instead of each file. Scroll below for day wise .

  1. January
  2. February 
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
  12. December

January 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

February 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

March 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

April 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

May 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

June 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

July 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

August  2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

September 2016 AIR spotlight news analysis

Due to paucity of time ,we are updating the Google Drive directly and not this post. You will find daily updates renamed and organised month wise . Thank you .


  • 15 – Sep
  • 16 – Sep
  • 17 – Sep
  • 18 – Sep
  • 19 – Sep
  • 20 – Sep
  • 21 – Sep
  • 22 – Sep
  • 23 – Sep
  • 24 – Sep
  • 25 – Sep
  • 26 – Sep
  • 27 – Sep
  • 28 – Sep
  • 29 – Sep
  • 30 – Sep
  • Full Month Archive
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    • we are Extremely sorry for the mistake, we have updated the dates you mentioned , also in the last of January we provided link to Google drive with full month archive. Thank you for brining it to our notice. Have a great day.

  1. Hi can i listen to these on radio.. can you please share the frequency ..and timings.. tried but have not found it .. please share if u have info

  2. Sir can u please update the google drive share link for the whole audio files.. Its very hard to download every file seperately

  3. Dear Team,

    Thanks alot you are doing a tremendous job. Kindly upload Jul ’16 data also for 2017 aspirants. Very helpful.

  4. the year end series of AIR started on 21 dec,its till 30dec…I searched for the audio files in archives of AIR but couldnt find them.if you provide them,it would be of great help.
    Thank you


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