All the Best Friends.

Just one more day to go for the prelims and every body is in full swing and I hope every one will do well in the exam , I wanted to wish best of luck to each and every one of you , and I would also like to suggest to the first timers , there will be lot of hungama at the centers so be your self.

The most important thing is coolness , try to be as cool and calm as possible , and even if in worst case you screw up or did not perform as you wanted to in the first paper don’t let it spoil your paper 2. Chances are high to recover in paper 2.

Reach the center early and try to take a writing pad , as the schools and college benches might be hole ridden.

Take a water bottle(don’t drink too much also you know why) and do not forget your wrist watch.

Try not to discuss after paper 1 , that wont help you ,eat lightly after paper 1 and preferably fruits and little juice.

Get print out of hall ticket and all such stuff today it self, Double check the OMR sheet and row and all in the exam hall, you cannot blame the invigilator for mistake if any.

Dont wait till the last minute to fill the OMR .

Most of us know all these things nut just simple reminder.

Any way people all the best and may the most deserving clear.

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