CSAT Arvind Verma committee submits report.

The three-member Arvind Varma  committee submitted its report today(31st July 2014) and government is likely to apprise Parliament on Friday on the way ahead.

Rumors : the committee declined any major change in the scheme of examination and found the current pattern suitable to select right candidates in the changing socio-eco milieu, both at national and international level.

This is rumor from a famous community and I am not personally suggesting or endorsing any thing .

Just in case if CSAT continues Practice Career launcher tests, you can download all the 2014 CSAT papers from here, I am merely the channel and have no idea who uploaded them(Thank them and If you get into service send a check to CL), this is shared in interest of people who lost time in this confusion.

This post will be further updated as soon as more concrete news comes out.Keep studying ,If it’s postponed or not you still have to study. Time is Precious.

Update 1st August 2014

From Sources : 

After observing developments all day and reading all updates and news this is the most reliable news I can share,mostly no chance of any changes for this year, so Please stop having any false hopes and start preparing seriously, CSAT is here to stay and that is loud and clear.

The Arvind Verma committee has recommended status quo  According to the committee the Civil Service Aptitude Test is a scientifically formed exam and shouldn’t be tinkered with.The committee, however, has recommended that the quality of English to Hindi translation in CSAT paper should be improved.

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