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These are the links to kurukshetra magazine which are very useful when read selectively for UPSC exams,the  kurukshetra magazine list is update till January 2016. Also kurukshetra Hindi 2015 archives are available now .

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2014 kurukshetra magazine

2015 kurukshetra magazine

2016 kurukshetra magazine

2017 kurukshetra magazine

Google Drive link for 2017 : HindiEnglish

2018 kurukshetra magazine

Kurukshetra Hindi magazine Archives(2015)

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  1. Hi Kalyan, I am in a fix please try and solve:
    after lot of trouble last year with Pol Sc. optional (as I was least interested in the subject) and continued confusion to have taken Management so I finally decided on management and have prepared it this year but in some of the topics I am facing issues in answer writing/ practice. Reason being the management tests (internal) are quite diff than the way UPSC questions are. So, I am looking for a full fledged test series (correspondance or online – as I am based out of Mumbai) for the same. Ive already posted on lots of forums and checked with many coachings but nothing fruitful is coming. Could you please help me if you know of something? Thanks in advance

  2. Thanks a lot Sir.Living in a remote village,I always missed some editions of yojana and Kurukshetra.This was like a god-send.Please keep uploading new editions.God bless you.

  3. please upload february as soon as you can and also the month of may and june Thank u so much for providing these.

  4. Hi.. this is a great work from your side. we are all thankful to you for the same. however, the nov2014 link opens up with the cover page of nov’14 but from the next page onwards, the content is that of the dec’14 issue. pls check and help.

    • In the site, there is a archives section , when you click it, a new page will open in it , right side of the page Kurukshetra archives are there, you can find Hindi issues there. I cannot give link directly because some problem with their official links.

    • ha ha , When I conveyed the same to official Kurukshetra team in a much polite tone of-course,they replied that it’s policy that they cannot upload recent editions as scans. So only if they upload them , I can post that link here.

    • hi,

      see old question papers, syllabus of various subject, all available at previous papers section, syllabus is in notification. geography.sociology and Maths did very well this year (mostly IIT Guys).

      Each year it changes, but subjects which get avg good score all the time is a best optional. Because you will not get extreme score, but will be in safe zone,

      This year almost all optionals performed better.

      last two years Maths- engg subjects and law is doing well.

      evergreen subjects like – geography- sociology- anthropology are always safe bet..

      Pub- ad and literature’s are doing arbitrary .

      so one cannot decide exactly on marks of toppers, honest suggestion is choose the optional you love and which you are comfortable in and feel confident that you can score good marks.

      IF you are ca go for commerce, If you are from IIT and too good in maths go for it.

      hope this helps πŸ™‚ all the best πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Sir ji,
    How r u? Thanks for helping all of us. Just wanted to request you, do you have any Material of any classes on Sociology mains subject? If yes, then plz do upload that as well, yes off course when ever you gets time. Thanks again.

  6. Hello sir..
    Please guide me how to analyse the news from upsc point of view.
    Sir, u are doing a wonderful job,god bless u for your selfless efforts.

    • hi, Reading newspaper for upsc is the most important thing, you need to know syllabus first, and just by seeing an article you should know which gs paper it belongs to and under which topic. Mostly new are about paper 2 and paper 3.

      next thing is, they should be useful for you in mains hall, or else its waste of time, most of the issues are in continuity , like NJAC issue, so reading daily and taking the key points is most imp.

      And take today paper for example from my post,

      1. Tipu Sultan article, useful in society , intolerance or essay.
      2. FDI article, very imp for paper 3. for an over all idea one can read about LPG reforms in 1991.
      3.digitisation and indexing of govt land issue.
      like that all topics have a destination, we need to keep updated and follow up. So if you stick to syllabus and with mains in mind, news paper reading gets simple.

  7. Hi,
    It is to inform all UPSC aspirants that now you can download free Yojana, Kurukshetra magazine from August 2014 to August 2015 from the below given link-

  8. sir, i paid 460/- for yojana(telugu) and kurusketra(eng) in 28th jan’2017.Transaction no;2801170000173,but i not receved magazines please send me.

  9. I want kurukshtra magazine monthly,what is the process to subscribe amount for annual and life, Demand Draft name and Address send, thank you


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