AIR 3rd ranker Explains why to read news papers for UPSC

Jasmeet Singh Sandhu wrote a reply on Quora explaining his process on reading the news paper and why it is important. Re posting it here in toto.

Namaste All

Thank you once again for all your wishes. I am here to share a few ideas on newspaper reading. Remember this is my way of preparation and worked very well for me.

  1. Please dont read newspapers just for reading as a habit. I have not read any magazines and periodicals in the two attempts I was successful in.
  2. I have just read The Hindu and The Indian Express.
  3. In cases where you feel you waste time and have not picked up important issues, I suggest you skip newspaper reading for 3/4 months at a stretch. But you can’t skip newspapers in August, September, October, November and December if you are giving Mains in December.
  4. Skipping newspapers will free up your time a lot. This added time must be used for other endeavours.
  5. Now when you skip newspapers, you should cover that up by reading Insights on India’s daily current affairs and Secure Questions and Answers compilation paper wise. Also read IAS BABA’s monthly magazine and its Yojana and PIB Gist. Also go through the PRS. The coverage of issues from these will overlap a lot. In any case please read the newspapers and supplement it with the above resources.
  6. This will do two things. For those who don’t know how to read, it will guide you what was to be read and prepared from an issue. This will help you a lot when you return back to newspaper reading. Also for those who know how to read, it will inform you what exactly is to be prepared from an issue. In any case the above resources are wonderful and always stick to them.
  7. Now in a newspaper, we get news. UPSC doesn’t ask news. It asks issues connected with news.You need to go in depth of these issues. Again resources in point 5 will exemplify what I am saying.
  8. I want you to learn from these resources and not me as I learnt from these resources and you should prepare from primary resources. Still if people feel they require my assistance, I will try and upload a video for this by June end.
  9. Also note down from newspapers 10 quality facts, acts, schemes, policies, committees on all issues such as health, education, Parliament, Judiciary, Energy, Power, States, Bureaucracy, Agriculture, Industries, Services, Urbanization and as many more issues you get.
  10. I will utilise your knowledge from point number 5 and 9 to explain how simple answers can be constructed to give good marks. I will try and upload a video again around July for this.
  11. Till then follow the above tips. I want you all to be well versed with the style of resources I have mentioned and have 9th point prepared. No need to do random searches on Google. Read more and more of the resources I have told you above.

All the above resources are free and can be found free on websites I mentioned. My guidance videos will be as well free. Please don’t pay any money for all this. I am doing all this as a sense of deep gratitude I hold for aspirants, their aspirations and the huge burden they have on them. You all are my idols as I have seen the hard work you all put in. You are all true champions.

Best Wishes

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