Gist of Yojana Magazine 2017

Hello friends various Institutes are providing the gist of Yojana Magazine , here is a list of gist month wise from IAS parliament and Vajiram and Ravi . You can also access the official scans of all the Yojana magazine PDF from our post, finally if you like the hard copy you can subscribe to the magazine online also.

Do try to read the magazine by your own and only for quick revision use the gist, Yojana is important source for prelims and mains so do not get used to gist as your primary source. You can also learn about lot of schemes, facts and even the way they present the article can teach a lot about how to write an essay.

Yojana Magazine Gist 2017

Shankar IAS Vajiram and Ravi
 Jan  Jan
 Feb  Feb
 March  March
 April  April
 May  May
 June  June
 July  July
 Aug  Aug
 Sep  Sep
 Oct  Oct
 Nov  Nov
 Dec  Dec
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