Guide to Old Rajinder Nagar New Delhi

When I decided to go to Delhi for UPSC preparation I didn’t knew a single person in Old rajendar nagar , here people get cheated a lot , specially new comers .

I Googled about this place before coming here and didn’t find anything useful on net, so I decided to write a nice guide about old Rajendra Nagar with 1st hand experience.

Location :

Old Rajendar nagar is very near to KarolBagh metro station in Delhi [Blue line], in strict sense it’s just one street, which starts with Vajiram and Ravi IAS institute and ends with Agarwal sweets [Gol Chakkar]. All the IAS coaching institutes are on this road only at-least 90% of them.

NDLS is the nearest railway station.


So students prefer to take rooms near the institutes which created an artificial boom and inflated the room rents heavily, there are no hostels and proper PG’s! Everybody is forced to take a room single or shared one.

Just to give you an Idea a three bedroom flat is divided into 3 rooms, a common hall and kitchen and room cost starting from 7000 to 12k or more if you want an AC.

So the main thing is you will get rooms only through BROKERS, there are so many real estate shops which offer their services, if you have friends in Rajendar nagar or contacts you might be lucky to find a good room, or else broker is your only option.

Be careful with brokers!

There are numerous cases with brokers cheating and students face lots of problems in the Initial stages.

So what to do? Whom to trust?

In my personal experience there are few good brokers whom you can trust. I can say my experience with them is more than satisfactory ,

I Suggest Raghav Properties near Aggarwal golchakkar .

Phone numbers:

  • 99 71 82 89 88
  • 99 99 26 73 33

Tips :

  • The rent 99% of times is without electricity bill and water bill.
  • Ask the Rate per Unit for electricity it depends of many things.
  • water bill is 200-300 max
  • Agreement charges max 300.
  • Brokers usually take 15 days to 20 days.
  • They will take care of Police verification and all .

trust some established shops and brokers , everybody know everybody in their line of work so going to one broker will be enough , he will show you rooms till you exhaust and if you don’t like any room even after seeing 10 rooms he will not  charge you !

Cost of Living:

I told you about accommodation the next big problem is Budget.

The amount you are willing to spend in Rajendra Nagar, in Old rajendar nagar cost of living is very high and will cost you almost 10,000 per month.

So think about it, if you want to limit your expenses you can take room in nearby areas which are very well connected [bus and metro] to rajndear nagar , like Patel nagar or shadipur or Karolbagh where rooms are comparatively cheaper .

But If you money is not such a big issue you can find a nice room where you can limit your expenses to 10k per month.


Food is major problem in Rajendra Nagar , especially for people from south India , if you take a room with kitchen then you can hire a cook , if not then there are many hotels .


All the Food Joints are near Kumar bookstore, which is another landmark.

  • Hyderabad biryani parlour is run by a Telugu Couple, you can get biryani and Thali. Phone no : 98 99 93 64 41 Free Home Delivery.
  • Udipi  hotel with Karnataka thali
  • FriendsRestaurant North Indian -Chinese food.
  • Tamil hotel specialised in Tiffin’s.
  •  Punjabi Rasoi and Tadak Punjabi


Additional info:

You can also have parcel food /Dabbawala there are many many dabbawalas are threre north -south Indian so, food is available will you be satisfied is a different story .

Murugan :

Sarvan :



Mineral Water Can delivery :

SMTC Water supply they deliver water cans  all over Old Rajendar nagar free home delivery

Phone no :

  • 93 12 87 90 93
  • 81 30 80 12 47
  • 011-25 86 24 34



It’s terribly hot in summer so try not take a room in top floor if you are planning to stay till next prelims .Air conditioners and coolers are available for rent so won’t be an issue .


This is the most terrible season to stay in Delhi. As long as you are indoors and take cautions you should do fine. There will be a Tibetan winter sale near chandini chowk metro station where you get good quality stuff for cheaper rates, apart from that you might need blowers and room heaters .

Your productivity will go down and you feel like sleeping all the time, the battle with the bed will be Legen… wait for it… dary!

Rainy season:

Please, no jokes … there is no such thing in Delhi!

Finally studies:

Vajiram and Ravi is definitely the Best but not the only one, every Institute have its own specialty and value to offer to you to help you clear this exam . So know the ecosystem there are many books beyond the yellow books.

Be careful of falling in to the trap of Buying everything and anything that came out of a Xerox machine !

Collection of material is not the goal Studying it is and please don’t buy 10 books for each subject, example buy one Laxmikanth for polity and read it 10 times rather than buying 10 books for polity .

Winters are very harsh so If you have health problems or doubts about waking up in the morning I suggest you to choose an evening batch if it is available in your coaching institute.


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  1. Heartly thanks for this post! I am a fresher for this exam. Planning to land in Delhi for 2nd year of preparation!

  2. hi

    thank you for writing this page.
    I have a query .. Some of the brokers in Old Raj. Nagar told me that karol bagh is not a good place to stay for girls… It is quite unsafe after 9.. Is it really so??

  3. Good information, but you only posted the name of one broker. Are all the others unreliable? What if Raghav Properties can’t give me what I’m looking for…?

    • Hi,

      I posted it in 2013, Now that I am not in delhi, cannot suggest correctly, but in ORN every broker is connected with other brokers, its like a huge network, depending on your needs they will ask others and let you know.

  4. I am going to vacate a room near Rajendra place metro station. It is few feet away from the metro station. Room rent is 10k + electricity + water. You will have to deposit one month rent in advance which will be compensated in last month rent. Room is fully furnished with bed, computer table and chair, book shelf etc. Washroom is attached. There is no owner’s interefernce. Your family and friends can visit you. The room is on the top with wide gallery to have nice sun bath. Also locality is very nice. Watsapp me on 9422411289

  5. hi i will be new comer to delhi for coaching kindly suggest me nearer areas to coaching institutes and how much is monthly expenditure etc..

    • Hi,
      all the Major institutes are near Karol Bagh Metro, Old Rajendar nagar, this is high demand area for accommodation due to proximity of institutes, Just for rooms 8-12k + food etc min 6k , so for a comfortable stay you might need to spend 20k a month , Raghav properties near Agarwasl sweets is one I personally recommend ,as you wont get rooms directly. Alternatively People also get rooms in near by metro areas like Patel nagar, comparatively cheaper.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the info. Can u or anyone plz tell me how much do the brokers usually charge for getting us a room?

  7. Hi I’m a village guy want to go to Delhi for self preparation I can put money 8k per month with this much of amount can I get hostels or sharing rooms around study halls plz reply me

    • Hi, there is no point in going to delhi for self preparation, the rates in ORN are artificially inflated, and with 8k per month it will be very tough to manage a room and study hall will be extra . I suggest you to look for any alternative, any big city in your state with civils aspirants hub or a library will help.

  8. Hello… I am going for vaji ram ..admission on 28th… As ORN is costly ..I am planning to stay in patelnagar… Do I really need a broker to find flats In Patel nagar…so simply going patelnagar nd searching by own will help.. ??

    Also…how is patelnagar ?

    How much time does metro takes to each orn..

    Nd how consecutive the metro are one after other ?


    • Yes, In Patel nagar and ORN brokers are a must, or else it is really hard to find a room, Patel nagar is ok, but will lack the student envi of ORN, you can travel by bus or metro 10 min max. When I was there, metro frequency was every 5 min.

  9. If I prefer staying at near by metro station like Patel nagar or shadipur or karolbagh do I still need a broker ???? Cant I have find any decent hostel with all the facilities like food water etc …iam planning to land in Delhi on 5th July plz help

    • ORN = Old rajendar nagar, its in general starts from Vajiram and extends a long way, beside karol bagh metro.

      It’s really hard to find a room on your own,due to artificial demand,in all the areas, karolbagh,Patelnagar,Shadipur etc.

      Typical hostel rooms are hard to find, with food included. You will have to opt for dabbawala’s or go to to the nearest dhaba.

      If you are attending more than one class, ORN is the best place. Student environment,facilities and all. But it blows a hole in our pockets too.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  10. Nice, Very useful information for the new comers. I think every UPSC aspirant must give a look at this before coming to ORN
    I have some queries to as..

    1– Any kind of PG Hostels there in ORN (food+bed+water+ Electricity+Wi-Fi)

    After finding a room what about the food

    2– Any South Indian mess available on monthly basis in ORN……if So what are the tarrifs they charge on us per month

    3– What kind of environment will be there(Security)…any what kind of people will be there around us

    4 — any upsc classes in only morning before 9am and after 8pm in evening….
    If not so how do the employees working in software industry are being able to attend the classes

    Suggest the best INSTITUTE for the working Employees on the basis of timings

    • Hi, It’s been long since I updated the post and left ORN,
      1. PG/Hostel rare.
      2. Food dabbawala/ or two south Indian messes, 80 rs on avg per time. wise no issues in orn personally, but always reports of laptop,mobile theft common.
      99% student area .
      4.there are institutes which run week end batches, but major institutes have only mor/eve batches.
      5.No best institute as such, all have pro’s and con’s but still vajiram and sriram are most preferred.

      hope this helps to an extent.

      Some one wrote this in Telegram recently, not entirely correct but will give some more idea.

      “Following is the breakup of your expenses, if you take coaching at Vajiram in Old Rajendra Nagar, Delhi.

      Room Rent – Rs 7000/month-boys & Rs 10,000/month-girls
      Food (only lunch and dinner) – Rs 3000/month
      Library fees – 1500 to 2000 / month
      Breakfast – snacks – 1500/month
      Books – mobile recharge – internet etc. 1500 – 2000 /month
      So, minimum monthly expense (on an average)
      15,000 – for boys
      20,000 – for girls (because of more room rent – I dont know why it is high for girls)


      VAJIRAM GS FEES (Prelims + Mains + Test Series) – 1,33,000
      VAJIRAM CSAT FEES – 18,000
      OPTIONAL FEES – 45,000

      DELHI STAY – Rs. 15000 per month minimum for boys. So 15000 x 12 = 1,80,000 yearly.
      TOTAL , FOR THE FIRST YEAR – 3,76,000 (bcoz of coaching fees)
      From second year only stay expense – 1,80,000 per year

      DELHI STAY – Rs. 20,000 per month minimum for girls. So 20,000 x 12 = 2,40,000 yearly.
      TOTAL , FOR THE FIRST YEAR – 4,36,000 (bcoz of coaching fees)
      From second year only stay expense – 2,40,000 per year”

      • Wow! Thanks for all the info. This is all very helpful. I am moving to ORN at the end of June. My hostel dues was 25,000 (+ electricity bill) This was a crazy amount to pay. But since my parents were adamant about me living within the walking distance of the institute,ORN was our only option. The hostel has food (3 times+ tea) and air conditioning though ( you still have to pay the ac bill)

  11. I have to join vision weekend batch from 26 november. Is there any stay arrangements for those who want to stay near old rajinder nagar on fridays and saturdays ?? To whom should I talk ??

  12. kalyan sir , thank u so much as i am planing for it . all ur information will be helpful for me but i am little tensed being a single female and never stayed alone without family. i hope old rajinder nagar will be safe to stay for vajiram’s classes . anyways plz let me know more about that place from a single female point of view .

    • Hi , Old Rajendar Nagar (ORN) is a very safe area for women, as student activity will be there through out the day, in my personal opinion no issues from 6 am to 9 pm , hundreds of students will be going and leaving vajiram at same time…. its like a large college campus in civilan area, so dont worry about it. Take the usual precautions and you will be very safe. In general accommodation for women is either PG or flat/single room . depending on distance from vajiram you can take rikshaw also, police patrolling will be there too, I think I am repeating myself, gist is, if you take flat or single room usual saftey precautions will make sure you are safe, when you are outside hundreds of students will be on road and near by tea stalls all the time/ or on class timings, so no issues there. So let go of your worries , have a great time in Vajiram/coaching all the best, do let me your experience in ORN , might be helpful to future aspirants .

      • i am in delhi only for some days ! and will go back to my town soon ! i want to buy all the books in 1 go so that i won’t need to come again. can you please suggest me a book shop where i can find all these books and the material refered by toppers i.e. some yellow book and shankar IAS book and NCERT’s ofcours . i live in govindpuri !!!! if u can give me exact location ??

    • @Sony Naidu
      Hey,I am moving there in June too. If you’re still looking for hostel here are two options for hostel ( including food, single/shared basis, no broker) – Vardhaman PG (011 6557 1707) and Akshay Palace (9810023820). Both are located in ORN. Hope this is helpful!

  13. Hello sir , I m.planning to go to ORN for coaching .my biggest concern is about room.i m thinking of a cheap accomodation..and would join a reading room. Kindly suggest any good location for cheap ORN

    • ORN is not cheap at all . Patel nagar, shadipur, karol bagh are cheap compared to ORN. you have to take distance and class timings in to consideration, but they all have very good connectivity to ORN , so it wont be an issue.

      • Sir, if I manage to get a sharing room ,although I don’t have any personal contacts there but is it possible to get sharing room under rs.6000 or so??

  14. This was really useful thank you. My son is the aspirant and I would also want to shift along with him so we end up spending in 1 place also be helpful. So much would it cost for a single room flat with kitchen.

    • 20-25000 will be your expenses. if you chose to stay very near to institutes, if he prefers to commute metro/bus very easy, it will bring down the cost. safety and locality also matters, please contact any property dealers from Old rajinder nagar . They will take care of the rest.


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