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  • Hello friends, some of you are new here and some of you know us already , we are team Parivarthan based in Hyderabad, we started this initiative in 2013. WE were aspirants back then, initially started by two , one is in service , the other is here (obviously) .
  • Then because of various personal and professional reasons we just stuck to newspaper suggested articles and occasional article sharing and nothing else in telegram and website.
  • We are teaming back with people who are in service + gave upsc interview(s) & mains to pool our resources to help genuine aspirants, specially for people who are working and cannot quit jobs due to various obligations , people from remote areas who cannot afford coaching or stay in cities but are genuinely interested or late bloomers who are done with coaching but realized importance of the exam/mentors now.
  • We prefer quality over quantity , we focus on person to person basis in mentoring and guiding and helping with what we can like evaluating answers, essay and occasional pep talk about over all strategy.
  • This is a free initiative , in 6 years of existence we never took a dime for guidance and suggestions. When we start test series or paid mentor-ship we will explicitly tell, till then Parivarthan is free.
  • So any interest candidates who are looking for some support or some kind of suggestions are free to mail us [email protected] or ping me on Telgram @naylak
  • If any one wants to write articles, create videos and gain from teaching are more than welcome given the quality is assured.
  • Hope you will stick around and good things are coming from Parivarthan stay tuned.
  • Every mark helps be it in prelims or interview, we have experience and willingness to help if you have determination and trust.
  • We have walked in the shoes you are in now, we are willing to help genuinely with out any expectations as we know the pain and pitfalls.
  • No effort is too big and no detail is too small, so let us work for building a better India through a honest bureaucracy of-course.
  • Please do not contact for materials,PDF and videos.
  • Suggestions and Ideas always welcome, your identity and advice is safe with us 6 years and counting…

Thank you

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