Insights Daily Current Events 2015 Month wise compilation

These are PDF’s of Insights Daily Current Events arranged month wise compiled as PDF files,the good people at Insights Upload these posts daily which are very useful for mains 2015.

All we did was to download all the PDF’s of each month and combine them in to one, which it self is time consuming, so we watermarked them for our hard work, but real hard work is done by Insights team. Also please note that they are direct PDF saved files in toto, so in few files the quiz name list was lengthy.

We did not modify any thing, so please do ignore the quiz part at the end of each day’s post, we just simplified it by making all the months PDF’s in to one big PDF. They are from January to August 2015.

As mentioned above the real appreciation and gratitude goes to insights team,we just water marked to protect our effort.

5 thoughts on “Insights Daily Current Events 2015 Month wise compilation”

  1. Dear kalyan,

    I have a suggestion!

    You will get a software “foxit Phantom business” . It has the facility to edit the PDFs including “cropping, merging or even removing particular pdf page. This option /software could help you to compile or even to remove unwanted pages like quiz part (as in this case).

    Go for a try.

    I wanted to do the same, but before I do, you did it! well ! 🙂 happy reading 🙂


  2. Hi KALYAN, I have not received today’s(i.e; 1st Oct) suggested articles email,if it possible kindly send it now, kindly send them regularly. Thank you very much.


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