Kanishak Kataria AIR 1 Mains GS Strategy, Sources and PDF Notes

UPAC Topper Kanishak Kataria AIR 1 started sharing his Strategy, Sources and PDF Notes via a Telegram channel .

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Kanishak Kataria UPSC Topper marks

In His own words :

Hi, I will be sharing some Evernote notes which I used. They are derived from my classnotes, some test series trivia, other online and offline information. There might be some typos here and there. Please bear with them. These notes are in no ways exhaustive. They were supplemented by other offline material, for both Prelims and Mains.

Kanishak Kataria Notes

Kanishak Kataria Books List:

In his own words: Many people have asked me about my booklist. It’s more or less similar to my friend Prudhvitej’s booklist (AIR 24 UPSC 2017) – replace all classnotes with Vajiram classnotes. It’ll take me sometime to arrange all the information. Till then you can refer to his sources:



Ancient History:
Modern History
Art and Culture:

Indian Polity





Current Affairs


Kanishak Kataria Strategy and Mathematics Optional

Watch From 41 Minute Onward:

Ancient History :

Kanishak Kataria AIR 1 Answer sheets PDF Download:

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