Mains 2015

This page is to assist and be a signboard to all the UPSC Mains 2015 materials,links,question papers ,optional strategies that are available on net which are useful for mains 2015 preparation . Will try to update this post with as much relevant information as possible.

If you have joined or joining any test series, or have any useful material please do mail us the question papers, PDF scans to

The Most useful stuff in no particular order :

  1. Hindu
  2. Indian Express
  3. Yojana Magazine month wise download
  4. Test series and previous year question papers
  5. EPW- Kurukshetra (selectively) Month wise download
  6. AIR spotlight news analysis Month wise download
  7. Loksabha – Rajyasabha TV videos (selectively)
  8. Vision/Sri Ram/Vaji Ram IAS material
  9. Download Free Study Material for UPSC

Most useful Sites :

Question paper & Materials

YouTube Playlists

Insight Hindu News analysis videos (Month wise)

  1. Insight Hindu News analysis  April
  2. Insight Hindu News analysis May
  3. Insight Hindu News analysis June
  4. Insight Hindu News analysis July 
  5. Insight Hindu News analysis August
  6. Insight Hindu News analysis September

IAS Baba Monthly Yojana Magazine Gist

Insights Daily Current Events PDF compiled.

  1. January 2015 Insights Current Events
  2. February 2015 Insights Current Events
  3. March 2015 Insights Current Events
  4. April 2015 Insights Current Events
  5. May 2015 Insights Current Events
  6. June 2015 Insights Current Events
  7. July 2015 Insights Current Events
  8. August 2015 Insights Current Events

INSIGHTS SECURE – 2015 compilation PDF

  1. January to April – 2015
  2. April – 27 to May 09
  3. May to August – 2015


Essay and GS :

Strategy :


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