Mrunal : How to Read the Hindu paper for UPSC

Mrunal bhai , he never stops helping  aspirants,this time he made few videos for beginners on how to read newspapers. Out side Dolpur house, I think he makes the most impact on aspirants.

The reasons :

  • – Why read thehindu newspaper for UPSC civil services IAS/IPS exam?
  • – Understanding the PMIF framework: Prelims, mains, interview or fodder?
  • – How to analyse the news on frontpage from prelims, mains and interview perspective?
  • – How to fasttrack page 2 to 7 which are littered with coaching ads and Delhi crime?
  • – How to fast track page 8 to 9 where hardly few centimeters of space is given to “The NATION”!
  • – Why read the columns, letters to editors and the editorials, and how to make notes out of them?
  • – Sample editorial – “All in the spirit of equality”- how to digest it for UPSC prelims, mains and interview perspective.
  • – How to eliminate useless news from the perspective pages i.e. page 11 and 12.

How to read theHindu (Part1)- Frontpage to Editorial

How to read theHindu (Part2)- Economy, Business, Sports, PIN, Life

All credit lies with Mrunal Bhai. You can also download the PPT slides here.

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  1. you r guiding the civils aspirants using all your skills and available resources to the best of your ability.Unforgettable.your services are very much praiseworthy.The divine must give you all the energy and support to you for decades.


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