Prelims 2019

Hello Friends , Clearing UPSC is THE DREAM or goal or proving a point to some people, what ever be the motivation, if you are reading this then you are in the world of UPSC , a bit deep than most people.

So not beating around the bush I will come straight to the point, Prelims 2019 is 65/66 days away and what are you doing about it ?



We can divide them in to three layers

  1. NCERT – analytical and factual
  2. Static books – analytical and factual
  3. Current affairs – analytical and factual

There are enough blog posts and toppers articles and videos to fill a library on what to read and where, so make sure no stone is left un-turned .



So all serious aspirants know this much , that we have to read NCERT/Static books/Solve many many mocks/Read news papers/ and repeat … nothing special I guess 30000 most serious and potential aspirants are doing this .. but what differentiates the successful one’s and the almost there but not there unlucky batch ?

Confidence and desperation ! Be desperate , we think we are serious but we are not fully serious , it’s like theory and practice, in mind we are all super duper bumper serious aspirants, but in action? Knowledge is never the reason of failure among the top 30k serious aspirants they are all same more or less.. it’s the dedication and calmness that comes with confidence that makes all the difference in the world.

Throw away your personal energy guzzlers and issues and toxic people for 65 days above all look in the mirror and answer yourself are you serious in theory or practice ?

Hope this will start a thought in your mind where you spend a minute to introspect and re adjust and focus again .. all the very best for a great attempt.

PS: I am done with UPSC, so I wrote this post to share my views with aspirants and not supported/affiliate or paid by any institute. Would be happy to hear your views back in comments/@naylak on telegram or

Parivarthan was started in 2013 to share what we know about UPSC

Thanks and regards

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