UPSC 2016 Weekly round up Week 02

The UPSC Weekly round up Week 02 brings all the important articles from various sources like Magazines, Newspapers, Websites, Spotlight analysis and other sources which are helpful in competitive exam preparation. The current Week 01 is from Monday January 11, 2016 until (and including) Sunday January 17, 2016.

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Weekly round up, Last week a small poll suggested that people expect us to cover more resources and more links, Our Honest belief is that read 4-5 sources and read them more times, though we provide all links, we honestly hope you only skim all of them and choose only the ones you missed.

The idea being, what you read from these sources are mostly useful in mains, that too only Paper 2&3 , as paper 1&4 are static. So just for two papers reading so much ? will you be able to recollect the important points from new defence procurement policy or crop insurance schemes  or about stand up India in December  ? or just have a vague idea and write some thing in mains like every one else ?

Without revision all the effort is useless, no point at all, contrary to what people imagine, mains hall is a whole different game, you will use your common sense and story telling ability more than any thing, writing practice will help you improve your skills.

Follow your own strategy , you dont have to read too many things, read few things with clarity and note down some key words on each topic, that will be enough. We suggest Newspapers+ Economic survey+yojana + AIR spotlight + LS/RS TV debates and vision IAS material . these are heavy weights , rest all for gaining take aways and additional dimensions.

For prelims or mains revision is key , so Limit the sources and revise more times , on that note here is this weeks roundup.

Parivarthan Weekly Round up


All India radio Spotlight Analysis

AIR spotlight news analysis 2016 month wise

RajyaSabha TV

Insights on India Editorial and Daily Current affairs


Project syndicate

Optional read

Bankers adda GKtoday Daily Current affairs

GK today



Selected EPW for UPSC 2016

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