UPSC Prelims 2015 Question Papers, Answer keys and Analysis Important Links

This post contains UPSC Prelims 2015 Question Papers, Answer keys and Analysis Important Links from all the good sources, the keys vary from Institute to Institute, personally I believe that Shankar IAS academy Key is best.

Update :

Official UPSC prelims 2015 question paper  with answers.

Shankar IAS Academy Answer keys.

Insights on India Paper 1 Answer key with detailed analysis

[Download] UPSC Prelims 2015 Question Paper 1 & 2 PDF in high resolution by Mrunal Bhai.

  1. Download UPSC Prelim 2015 GS1 Paper
  2. Download UPSC Prelim 2015 GS2 Paper

Coming to cutoff, dont listen to any one on first 10 days, slowly dust will settle and after some days approximate number will come , that too just guess work, so If you are scoring decent enough score, don’t waste time ,prepare for mains, if you are not sure but have attempts left , then also don’t waste time, either way stop reading speculations and boasting of the few attention seekers on the net and start reading for mains. Knowledge never goes waste so please don’t think about result , just keep improving and getting better every day.

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  1. Dear Kalyan,

    Please try to come up with a plan for mains like what all topics/ initiatives can we expect during next 2 months from your website so that we can align our plans to it as well

    • hi,

      I am trying to keep it as simple as possible this time, I will surely collect question papers and topics and will keep an eye on all the upsc hubs, will surely share it here ,when I find some thing useful. Thank you.

  2. I completely agree with you 🙂

    How hard I tried not to look for the keys after the exam last evening, yet, I was powerless before the adamant mind’s urge to see those keys.

    There was a difference of about 25 marks between the two keys I’d compared my answers with. So, nobody knows “correct” answers for about 10 questions.

    Someone was saying, Rajasthan has the westernmost point of India – you could think of the authenticity of the keys 🙂

    You would somehow know about your performance – Just have faith in that hunch 🙂

  3. kindly guide for mains step wise
    u can share an article for the same or if possible kindly send me a mail.
    my optional is Pub Add.
    kindly shoot me a mail on my mail id
    i appreciate your hard work……….
    God Bless
    My mail ID is
    [email protected]

  4. i am studing 9 th standard my aim is to become an ias officer . i am preparing for this from my 7th standard i find this is soo useful thankyou

  5. Thanks for your valuable update. I see many comments that everyone need of guide to kick start their career. Here we are interested to help you.

  6. sir
    am completed for graduation on bbm in the year 2012 .
    eligible in ias exam sir ?
    how to prepare in ias exam ? pls tell me guidance sir .

  7. Hello sir my name is naithok jamatia …now im studying in hcc..3rd semester,political department,so plz help me sir i want to become IAS …why???i would like to help people n I want to see them equality 4 the equal work for secure n serve their daily common goods n childhood,&youth against exploitation art 41 says that ….curing right to work,education etc .article -43 says that ….to secure living wages,decant standard of life & to promote cottages industries …thank u sir plz help to prepare for IAS exam….

  8. Thanks for sharing the information about Current Affairs Study Materials Chennai I will make sure to share this with my friends.


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